C4P Calls Out Mr. Nine Percent

Leaders do not micromanage; they lead. They assemble a strong group of advisers who micromanage issues. Politicians Rental car dudes who micromanage end up with 9% of the vote. Now he gets to micromanage the 17 people who listen to his "Hate Sarah Palin" radio program. He also gets to micromanage whatever crappy audio editing program he used the other day to distort Governor Palin. Hint, Andrew: don’t use a man’s voice next time.

President Reagan believed in big ideas. He had three big goals on which he centered his administration around:

1. Defeat the Soviets
2. Grow the economy through tax cuts
3. Shrink government

I see the same things in play for 2012, except this time the "Soviets" are in Washington D.C.

"Mr. Obama, tear down this wall!"

UPDATE by R. A. Mansour: Hey, Mr. Nine Percent, we don’t actually think you’re the smartest guy in the room. We just find it amusing that you think you are, despite your faux-humility and protestations to the contrary. At least John Binkley, Frank Murkowski, and Tony Knowles had the dignity to lose graciously.

I would like to post this comment directly on your blog, but you won’t let me. Many of us have tried repeatedly to register to post comments on your website, but we’re blocked. C4P has open commenting. Anyone can post their thoughts. The only comments we ban are slanderous falsehoods and extremely crude insults.

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