Meg Whitman: I Campaigned for Sarah Palin… (and That Other Person); UPDATED: A Clarification

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Politico’s Ben Smith has this amusing post up on his blog:

A reader points out this image from Meg Whitman’s new website, which refers to her campaigning for Sarah Palin and crops the “Country First” sign in a way that leaves a word out: “McCain.”

In case you had any doubt which was a better brand in a Republican primary.

This Californian likes Meg Whitman. And there are many Californians who love Sarah Palin. Her rally in Carson was something else! We hadn’t seen that many California Republicans in broad daylight since the golden days of the Gipper…

That day she told us, “For millions of Californians this is still Reagan Country. And we’re gonna take it back!”

And all the Friends of Ronnie shouted, “Amen, sister!”

I think Meg was impressed by the fact that so many Democrats also loved Sarah Palin that day. The PUMAs were proudly out in force.

Palin is appealing to Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Meg knows this. So do the attack dogs in the left-wing media.

H/T: Mel and Anonymous

UPDATE by Ramrocks:

It appears that Ben Smith was only partially right. Meg didn’t crop anything below the “Country First” sign. She actually cropped the McCain sign that was over her head. Here’s what the original photo looked like:

And the cropped version, as noted above, looks like this:

As you can see, Meg just cropped the sign in the background.

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