UPDATED: Andrew Halcro Stars in "Conspiracy Theory"

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Jealous schoolboy Andrew Halcro has a new post up where he discusses Governor Palin, Greta, SarahPAC, aliens, and other issues that may have appeared in an X-Files episode. It is rumored that next week Halcro and ADN editor Pat Dougherty will investigate what the ADN calls the "Trig issue." The season finale will have Halcro battling evil forces at Area 51, which we all know is a secret government installation operated by Governor Palin with the sole purpose of keeping Halcro from getting a government job.

Some of our readers tell us Mr. Halcro does not welcome unfavorable comments on his website, but that does not mean you should not try.

Just too good to pass up, from reader ReaganPalinGal:

Hey, Andy, since you are such a fine statistician and the smartest guy in the room, what is it that 9% represents?

Oh yeah, it’s the percentage of the vote you received in the gubernatorial race in ’06. Now go and play with your slide rule and leave it to the adults to run the government.


I used to spend a fair bit of time messing around on Wikipedia, and I remembered this essay written by an editor there who led the fight in keeping 9/11 Truthers and their wacky theories out of the articles there. Note how well the "features" apply to Trig Troofers as well.

UPDATE by JR: The "Bob and Mark Show" has called out Andrew Halcro for editing and distorting an answer given by Governor Palin to a reporter. Halcro edited the audio so that it appears as if Governor Palin gave a hesitant answer. However, closer inspection shows that Halcro edited the answer by one of Governor Palin’s assistants and inserted it in front of Palin’s response:

1. The voice Halcro used is a male voice!
2. The response given by Palin’s assistant was a nearly two minute answer.

Bob and Mark added that Halcro "gets paid to hate Sarah Palin."

Halcro is a disgrace, but as Governor Palin would probably say, "God bless his heart. He has to do something."

UPDATE by Ramrocks:

This Halcro thing is truly comical. He suggests that Gov. Palin must be some sort of quasi-Scientologist or Scientologist-friendly politician because Greta Van Susteren and her husband are Scientologists.

Look, folks, I live next to the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles. These people are nuttier than a squirrel’s cheek in October, but they have a right to their wacky beliefs as long as they’re not breaking the law. (Sure, they have a lot of disturbing cult-like behavior in regards to separating family members, etc. But no one is accusing Greta or her husband of that.) The idea that Greta is attempting to convert Palin to this kooky sci-fi alien cult is just nonsense.

I think Halcro is in need of an intervention. I know that he doesn’t have any friends, but surely there is some kind soul in Alaska who can take him to get his meds refilled.

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