1773 and a History Lesson for the Left-Updated

The Left again proves itself to be devoid of a basic knowledge of American history. Yesterday at the Tea Party Express rally in Reno, Nevada, Governor Palin spoke with appropriate cautiousness about celebrating electoral victories prematurely by telling rally attendees to not “party like it’s 1773 just yet”. As conservatives know, 1773 was the year of the Boston Tea Party. Michelle Malkin shares this link for those who may need a refresher. Malkin also reports:

Sarah Palin wisely warned Tea Party activists to keep working hard right up until Election Day — and not to “party like it’s 1773? yet.

Intellectually superior leftists from Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas to PBS “moderator”/Obama cheerleader Gwen Ifill took to Twitter to snicker about Palin’s historical illiteracy.

But it’s the Palin-bashers who humiliated themselves, via Cuffy Meigs.

“Ummm” yourself, nitwit.

Of course they wouldn’t know when the Tea Party occurred.

They’re too busy wallowing in teabagging jokes and hate smears.

Of course Moulitsas has been too busy trying to astroturf internet search engines to smear conservatives running up to the midterm elections to study up on American history. Gwen Ifill perhaps took a history lesson from Joe Biden who confused the First and Second Articles of the Constitution during the 2008 Vice Presidential debate that she moderated between Biden and Palin.

It’s always humorous to see the pseudointellectual Left get knocked down from their high horse. Perhaps this chronologically wrong version of history is taught on that “unicorn ranch in fantasyland” that Governor Palin spoke of last week.

Read Ace of Spades’ take on this here.

UPDATE: Governor Palin has weighed in on Twitter:

Gwen Ifill, et al… Really? Silly. RT @: ‘Stand down,’ says @ re. her Palin bashing. Own up, dear.

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