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Her PAC’s treasurer just sent out the following e-mail:


As many of you may already know, recently a network of Wikileaks-sympathizing hackers orchestrated crippling, albeit temporary, cyber-attacks on the websites of patriotic, law-abiding organizations around the country, including SarahPAC.com. It is widely believed that the same ad-hoc group of international cyber-criminals took down the websites of many organizations that terminated their business relationships with Wikileaks after their latest dump of compromising and classified US government information. These organizations include iconic American companies such as Visa and MasterCard as well as dotcom giants such as Amazon and Ebay’s PayPal.

The actions taken by Wikileaks’ supporters against these respected American companies show that their true intent is far from noble, and exposes their utter disregard for the collateral damage and financial fallout that resulted from their denial of service attacks. These reckless attacks on major transaction processors during the Christmas season added uncertainty to an already fragile economy and cost them money and resources that could have otherwise been used to grow their businesses and create new jobs.

These malicious hackers targeted major American companies simply for their refusal to participate in the degradation of America’s ability to engage in diplomacy and the direct endangerment of our troops through the release of thousands of battlefield reports. Gov. Palin quickly and unapologetically spoke out against the illegal and irresponsible acts that Wikileaks explicitly exists to perpetrate. After her comments, SarahPAC.com immediately became another target for cyber-attack by Wikileaks’ unofficial hacker-accomplices. In the name of defending free speech, the hackers, alleged to operate under the collective branding of ‘Anonymous’, decided to punish Gov. Palin for hers by flooding SarahPAC.com with a torrent of web traffic in order to make the website inaccessible to supporters.

The twisted logic of these self-styled advocates for free speech doesn’t seem to differentiate between releasing millions of sensitive US government documents with the intent of degrading our nation’s security and standing, and criticizing those who do so. Few times in our history have we, as a nation, faced so many security threats from such a varied and unpredictable array of rogue nations, terrorist organizations, and depraved individuals, and yet these self-styled ‘hacktivists’ are so committed to the continued release of our state secrets that they have decided to use their considerable ‘talents’ to punish those who dare speak out against the reckless endangerment of our republic through espionage.
SarahPAC was forced to spend some of our resources restoring functionality to our website and defending against future attacks, but we won’t allow our commonsense conservative message to be silenced by a few malcontents. Please help us continue to support solid conservative candidates around the country by donating $50, $75, or $100 to SarahPAC.

The illegally obtained information contained within the State Department cable leaks is already damaging our diplomats’ ability to advance American interests abroad and the Afghanistan and Iraq war document leaks represent a goldmine of intelligence for our most dangerous enemies to use against our troops on the battlefield. Please stand with SarahPAC against the reprehensible and downright dangerous acts of the Wikileaks organization and the cyber-intimidation of its misguided hacker allies.


Tim Crawford

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