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Another Palin "Popeater" Rumor Bites the Dust

Popeater’s batting average when it comes to Governor Palin isn’t very high. First, Popeater made the false claim that she had intervened in a dispute between Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Erin Andrews. Second, Popeater made the false claim that Palin was pushing the DWTS staff to cast Christine O’Donnell in its next season. Popeater has pulled the hat trick with false claims about Governor Palin (I recognize that I’m mixing my sports methaphors) with the latest rumor about Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Mansour tweets the following rule of thumb regarding Palin "Popeater" rumors: "anything ‘PopEater’ reports about Sarah Palin is completely made up — as in fabricated out of thin air."

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