Does the Democrat Party Recognize Alvin Greene Could Have Done as Well as Kamala Harris in California?

I’m exaggerating of course but anyone in the Democrat Party who believes that Kamala Harris has any type of future outside of California is probably off his or her medication. Ben Smith writes today about how the Democrat Party views Harris as the party’s next national star because she is purportedly the “anti-Palin.

First of all, the Democrat Party is probably too foolish to recognize that it is effectively conceding that Governor Palin has national appeal by making the comparison between Harris and Palin. If the Democrat Party views Harris as the liberal version/mirror image of Palin and at the same time believes that Harris plays well nationally, then the Democrat Party is logically conceding that Palin has national appeal as well because it wouldn’t make sense otherwise to make the comparison between Palin and Harris.

In any event, one only needs to look at how Harris performed this past election cycle to get a sense of how delusional the Democrat Party is for believing that Kamala Harris has any appeal outside of ultra-liberal areas. In the attorney general’s race, she barely beat a mediocre candidate by less than 1% at the same time Barbara Boxer was defeating a strong Republican by around 10%. What that means is that some voters who were willing to cast their votes for one of the most radically liberal Senators in the country in Barbara Boxer were unwilling to cast their votes for Harris. Harris even under-performed Gavin Newsom.

If Harris cannot appeal to voters extreme enough to vote for Barbara Boxer or Gavin Newsom, who can Harris appeal to but far-left radicals who would vote for a tree stump over any Republican?

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