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If Palin’s 80-90% Ratings in Alaska Didn’t Matter Then, Why Do Her Alaska Ratings Matter Now?

First of all, it’s disconcerting that anyone would take general election polling conducted by someone employed by the Daily Kos seriously. SurveyUSA significantly outperformed the Daily Kos pollster the last two election cycles and gets none of the press that the Daily Kos pollster gets. SurveyUSA recently released a poll showing a four-point race between Governor Palin and Obama and barely anyone covered it despite the fact that SurveyUSA has been much stronger than the Daily Kos pollster.

In any event, it’s completely hypocritical for Palin’s opponents to cite Governor Palin’s ratings in one of the least religious states in the country as evidence of anything significant, putting aside the fact that people are citing polls from the Daily Kos as definitive. These were the same people who claimed that Palin’s 80-90% ratings in one of the least religious states in the country prior to her getting selected as John McCain’s running mate were irrelevant to her ability to serve as President/Vice-President. If they were irrelevant then, how are they relevant now?

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