New Rules to Deal with Frivolous Ethics Complaints Begin Today in Alaska

Last week, I wrote about Governor Palin’s resignation, and the “tidal-wave” of politically motivated ethics complaints that lead up to that event. As of today, that avenue of attack is no longer available to the Alinsky-ites of Alaska. The new ethics rules are now the law of the land. They will effect the executive branch and stem directly from the events that I wrote about in the post I just mentioned.

Just a couple observations…

The Associated Press published an article about the new rules back on December 8th. As usual, the AP dropped the ball when it came to performing their standard journalistic function of providing their readers with the “five W’s” of the story. This time, they completely omitted the “why” part. C4P readers understand the context and origin of the new rules, but unfortunately many people not familiar with our site, rely on one of the news outlets that release AP stories such as that one, as is. The AP is biased and lazy, but thankfully more Americans realize this than ever before.

In the end, it is good to know that no other governor in the state of Alaska will ever have to endure what Governor Palin and her family went through in those months following the 2008 presidential campaign. Given the conspicuous timing of the frivolous claims (after the 2008 campaign) and the sudden disinterest of the Democrat party machine in the comings and goings of Alaska’s Governor, I think it’s safe to say that use of the new rules will be minimal.

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