NY Times Best Seller List: No Bulk Orders Reported for "America By Heart" As It Debuts at #2

Without the help of bulk orders, Governor Palin’s second book, "America By Heart," officially debuts at #2 on the NY Times best-seller list among non-fiction hardcover books.

As you can see from the rankings, the NY Times did not place a dagger next to the book. What that means is that bookstores did not report receiving bulk orders. The Democrat Party is too stupid to recognize that the books that the Governor purchased for her PAC do not count in the overall sales for the purposes of the NY Times book rankings. Even liberal Taegan Goddard conceded this point. In other words, a politician can buy one million of his or her own books for his or her PAC and it won’t count towards his or her book sales.

Congratulations to the Governor for producing another best-seller without bulk orders, unlike another Republican presidential candidate who is imploding at the moment.


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