About that Palin Re-Tweet

Apparently, her re-tweet of a Tammy Bruce tweet is making news. What a lot of people are missing is that it’s possible to share the sentiment that Tammy expressed in her tweet and still oppose repeal of DADT and other issues. I don’t know Governor Palin’s opinion on the issue. However, I think it’s a stretch to claim that she is a proponent of repealing DADT based on one re-tweet.

I don’t believe Tammy was actually criticizing people who genuinely oppose repeal of DADT. After all, the most visible and vigorous opponent of repealing DADT was John McCain, someone who no one will mistake as a fanatic. The people Bruce is mocking are those on the right and the left who spend every waking hour of their day thinking about homosexuality. In the same way that someone is not necessarily anti-gay if he or she opposes repeal of DADT and civil unions, someone isn’t necessarily endorsing homosexuality if he or she supports repeal of DADT and civil unions.

In other words, I don’t believe Governor Palin was making any type of policy statement with her re-tweet. She may have just been endorsing Tammy’s mockery of people who have skewed priorities. I generally agree with Ben Smith’s point of view on Palin’s re-tweet in the sense that the Governor really does represent the median Republican. In any event, here’s Tammy’s opinion.

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