Another Potential Stalking Horse for Governor Palin Considers a Run

I’ll be tempted to call this race right away for Governor Palin if this guy enters the race.

…sources close to Huntsman (who requested anonymity to speak freely without his permission) say that during his December trip to the U.S., he met with several former political advisers in Washington and Salt Lake City to discuss a potential campaign. “I’m not saying he’s running,” says one supporter who has worked with him in the past. “But we’re a fire squad; if he says the word, we can get things going fast.” What’s more, Huntsman tells NEWSWEEK that when he accepted the ambassadorial appointment, he promised his family they would “come up for air” sometime in 2010 to decide how much longer they would stay in Beijing. “I’m not announcing anything at all,” he says. But he sure seems to be hinting.

The beauty of the "stalking horse" theory is that the politician serving as the stalking horse sometimes doesn’t even realize it. This guy is credible enough to throw the race completely to Governor Palin. Look for Huntsman to win a decent percentage of the vote in New Hampshire, creating an opening for Palin to end the contest quickly.

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