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Check Out These Other Blogs in "Palin Land"/Open Thread

Since there’s not a lot going on today in terms of Palin news, you may want to take the time to check out these three other blogs that are part of the community known as "Palin land." Here are our recommendations:

-Check out the new Alaskans4Palin blog. Every contributor at the blog is from the Governor’s home state. Hopefully, there will soon be blogs supportive of Governor Palin in all 50…or 57 states.

Organize4Palin is one site that you should absolutely bookmark. It’s the most underappreciated site in "Palin land." You’ll want to sign up here to receive updates. Please convince anyone you know who is favorably disposed towards the Governor to sign up.

Standing4Palin is where you’ll find a lot of familiar names.

In any event, here’s the news:

-Here’s another report on Governor Palin’s speech in Reno last Saturday evening.

-David Limbaugh: Liberal "Tolerance" Toward Bristol Palin

-She’s been invited to New Hampshire for a conservative summit on April 29th.

-Here’s some data on the extent of the blood libel leveled against Governor Palin.

-"More than $1 million of Romney’s donations came from just a dozen supporters, public documents show."

-The Wall Street Journal points out that she may not need to play the incredibly sleazy game of relying upon bundlers to raise money for the purposes of the primary.

-Are the Boston Celtics inciting violence by using "reload" in a promotional video? What does everyone here think about the Palin-Garnett analogy?

So what else is going on today?


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