Governor Palin Speaks in Reno Tonight/Open Thread

The Governor speaks in Reno tonight. Her speech will be unrelated to the SOTU address:

[I]n Reno, Nev., former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be giving a speech to the Weatherby Hunting and Conservation Award Dinner. The group has previously played host to former President George H.W. Bush as well as the late Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater — who spoke at the dinner during his insurgent campaign for the GOP nomination in 1964.

A Palin aide said the speech — one of two she is giving in Nevada this week — is just another talk to a private group and isn’t designed to rebut the president.

In other news, the Daily Kos pollster has pretty much written Mitt Romney’s political obituary if its recent poll of the GOP primary in New Jersey is to be believed. Romney is tied with Huckabee for the lead and leading Palin by only four points. Romney won 28% of the vote in the state in the 2008 primaries.

Liberal Nate Silver has characterized New Jersey as Palin’s second-worst state in the primary. Romney should probably be leading a state like New Jersey by around twenty-thirty points given that its Republican electorate is one of the most moderate and pro-abortion electorates in the country. So I think the New Jersey poll is pretty good news for her considering that she’s down four in a state she shouldn’t be able to compete in and that supporters of one of the people leading the poll will likely swing her way in the likely event he didn’t run. Huckabee’s advisers are conceding that he’ll stay out if someone else gains momentum before he announces:

Other than the timing of his bid, another factor entering Huckabee’s deliberations is the shape of the 2012 field. He took support from conservative Republicans and evangelical Christians during his 2008 run, but those groups could gravitate elsewhere — say, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, should she decide to run.

"He is really going to take a look at how the field looks," according to a Huckabee campaign adviser. If the governor’s base constituency is still searching for a candidate, he could decide to jump in.

Believe it or not, I think you can take some positives from the Daily Kos poll of North Carolina. The poll suggests that her numbers are returning to where they were pre-Tucson. She improved her standing against the man who engaged in a land transaction with convicted felon Tony Rezko by five points despite the fact that his approval rating went up by a net five points while every other Republican stayed the same. Her ratings among Republicans and conservatives improved by a net 12 points. Hopefully, we’re seeing a rebound in her numbers now that the Tucson narrative has shifted (part of the New Jersey poll was conducted during the Tucson tragedy so hopefully, we’ll see the same uptick in her support in the Garden State the further we get away from the blood libel that took place as we saw in North Carolina).

In any event, is there any explanation for how the Daily Kos pollster can show Obama’s approval rating stronger in North Carolina than what it is showing for Obama’s approval rating nationally?

What else is going on tonight?

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