Mike Huckabee’s PAC Is Effectively Broke

This post may not be necessary because it’s already clear that Mike Huckabee isn’t running for the Presidency. But Andy Barr reports on the carnage:

Huckabee’s fundraising continued to lag coming into 2011, with his finance operation showing little sign that he is preparing for a presidential run.

The former Arkansas governor carried only less than $138,000 into the new year, after raising just shy of $950,000 for all of 2010. By contrast, Palin entered the year with $1.3 million on hand.

Huckabee has been plagued by anemic fundraising since launching his presidential campaign four years ago — and the FEC disclosure today makes clear that polls showing him near the top of the GOP field haven’t yielded more campaign cash.

There’s no need to even address the return-on-investment issue for Huckabee’s PAC. Like Romney’s federal PAC, Huckabee’s PAC also spent more in 2010 than it received.

One of the President’s chief responsibilities is efficiently managing other people’s money. If you compare how Governor Palin and Huckabee have managed their finances in their personal lives and when they have held positions of executive authority, you’d have to conclude that Palin is the one you’d want managing your money.

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