Obama’s Approval Ratings Do Not Improve After His Speech According to Gallup and Rasmussen

If Obama’s speech was as great as the Democrat Party claims it was, then either the Gallup daily tracking poll or Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll would show significant improvement to his approval numbers. Unfortunately for the man who engaged in a land transaction with convicted felon Tony Rezko, Gallup and Rasmussen do not show any significant improvement to Obama’s approval numbers in four days of polling after the speech.

It appears that the public held a completely different opinion about Obama’s contradictory speech than the media. Keep in mind too that Obama’s speech was one of the easiest speeches that a politician has to deliver and he still couldn’t boost his approval ratings even with help from the shameless media.

In other poll news, even CNN/Opinion Research, which is usually an Obama-friendly pollster, finds that 59% of adults do not believe “a map on Sarah Palin’s website that marked 20 congressional districts, including the district represented by the congresswoman who was shot, with an image that looked like the crosshairs of a gun” played much of a role in the shooting. What is scary is that a majority of adults who identify with the Democrat Party and a near plurality of minorities actually blame the map a great deal or a moderate amount. Republicans, independents, moderates, conservatives, and adults living in suburban and rural areas overwhelmingly reject this blood libel against Governor Palin.

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