Palin’s PAC Had A Stronger Return on Investment Than Romney, Obama, and Clinton Had With Their PACs

SarahPAC has released its final numbers for the 2009-2010 reporting period. Keep in mind too that the Governor created the PAC about one month into the period and held at most four fundraisers the last two years. Her PAC received around $5.7 million and had over $1.3 million in cash on hand at the close of the 2009-2010 reporting period.

Her PAC’s return-on-investment ratio was much stronger than the return-on-investment ratios for PACs run by Romney, Hillary Clinton, and the man who engaged in a land transaction with convicted felon Tony Rezko (the Clinton and Obama numbers are from the 2005-2006 reporting cycle). In fact, Romney’s history of getting a terrible return-on-investment dates back to his embarrassing 2008 presidential run.

One way to evaluate how well a person will manage other people’s money in an executive position is to examine how well that person has managed money in his or her personal life and in past positions of authority. Running a PAC is the one executive position that Palin, Romney, Clinton, and Obama have all held and the data suggests that Palin’s PAC management was superior to that of her peers.

Update: The NY Times has more here. Apparently, Michele Bachmann’s re-election campaign never cashed the contribution SarahPAC provided.

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