Romney’s Federal PAC Has An Anemic Return-On-Investment Ratio And Spent More in 2010 Than It Received (Update)

Romney continues to mismanage his federal PAC in a way that is eerily reminiscent of the way in which he mismanaged his embarrassing 2008 presidential campaign.

His federal PAC’s return-on-investment ratio for the 2009-2010 reporting cycle is anemic compared to the return-on-investment ratio for Governor Palin’s PAC. It’s clear that Romney is overspending and not getting the appropriate bang for his buck.

His federal PAC spent over $300,000 more than it received in 2010. By contrast, Governor Palin’s PAC received around $400,000 more than it spent in 2010.

If you believe one way to evaluate how well a person will manage other people’s money in an executive position is to examine how well that person has managed money in his or her personal life and in past positions of authority, then you would have to conclude that Palin looks pretty good if you compare the way she has managed her PAC with the way in which Romney and others have managed their PACs.

Update: National Journal reports:

Palin’s total is particularly striking because she outraised Romney using only a federal political action committee. Romney’s series of state-level PACs set up in Alabama, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, detailed in a New York Times report last year, allows big donors to max out both to Romney’s federal committee, the Free and Strong America PAC, and to his state organizations, which often have higher contribution limits.

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