Salt On a Wound

I think I speak for most of us in Palin-land when I say that the last 24 hours have been heartbreaking and maddening at the same time. First a national tragedy: a deranged shooter snuffs out the lives of six innocent people in Arizona, and gravely alters the lives of dozens of others, including a young Congresswoman and her family. Then, some in the liberal blogosphere and punditry pour salt on the wound, choosing to recklessly assign blame for this heinous act to Gov. Sarah Palin and members of the Tea Party.

As victims still fight to survive, and as families mourn, we who love and support Gov. Palin feel dual pangs of sadness.

We witness the senseless violence springing from the mind of an unstable individual and we also witness the cruel divide of politics that apparently can’t even take a day off to pray for fellow Americans.

I received a particularly maddening message on Facebook from my former boss. The essence of his strange wall post dart: See, Nicole, your Sarah Palin put Giffords in her rifle scope crosshairs. See what you Tea Baggers have wrought? What do you say now?

One of the reasons I left liberalism behind was because of what I perceived as its inherent juvenilism. Class envy is straight out of Adolescence 101. The tendency to blame America for all that is wrong in the world little more than a teenage railing against authority.

And so we see this immaturity again in the rush to blame Gov. Palin and Tea Party America for a terrible act of violence.

Except when 52-year-olds like my former boss behave like juveniles, it’s not cute. It’s symbolic of the rot and irresonsibility that I believe lies at the heart of modern liberalism. Somehow, in some way, someone else always is to blame. Not the individual who committed the atrocity.

Mostly, we will ignore the likes of Paul Krugman, Gerald Rivera, and Jane Fonda who have policitized this tragedy. To engage with them is pointless. They will find any reason or rationale however concocted to justify their hatred of the Tea Party, even using mass murder to besmear their political opponents, even turning surveyor symbols into crosshairs.

And we will dig deep to forgive them for their cruelty.

The Tea Party is the most peaceful, law-abiding movement, perhaps in American history.

And though it pains us … now we must turn the other cheek, and rely on a higher power to heal our wounds, and comfort the real victims of this nightmare.

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