Evidence Mounts that Mike Pence Will Not Run for President

Erick Erickson may have just wasted some space with his endorsement of Mike Pence because the evidence is mounting that Pence will not run for President but run for governor instead. Howey Politics is reporting that Mike Pence is “scheduling Lincoln Day dinner speeches across Indiana,” clear evidence that Pence will not run for President but is exploring a potential run for the job held right now by Mitch Daniels.

Rep. Mike Pence is scheduling Republican Lincoln Days Dinner all over Indiana, Howey Politics Indiana has learned. It is the best clue yet that he is preparing to launch a 2012 Indiana gubernatorial campaign, as opposed to seeking the presidency. “He is scheduling larger counties,” a Republican source told HPI on Monday

Erickson is completely wrong about Governor Palin of course. For every 1964 smear that Palin’s opponents launch at her, I could easily point to 1988 when George H.W. Bush, a person whom everyone had allegedly already formed hard opinions about, managed to come back from a seveteen-point deficit in three-four months to win a landslide. Palin isn’t down anywhere near that amount in credible polling.

However, Mike Pence appearing to put aside any presidential aspirations is great news for Palin.

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