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The GOP Establishment’s Desperation Becomes Clear With Today’s Michele Bachmann News (Update)

With the news that Jon Huntsman and Rudy Giuliani are potentially looking into a run and with the evidence mounting that neither Mike Pence nor Mike Huckabee will run for President, the GOP establishment is getting desperate. Since the Pence and Huckabee options didn’t work out, the establishment is getting so desperate for someone to take votes away from Governor Palin that it has turned to a woman to whom it refused to provide a leadership position in the aftermath of the 2010 Tea Party landslide. Michele Bachmann has confirmed her interest in running for the presidency.

I think most of us like Michele Bachmann a lot but it’s tough to see a good reason for why she would run for the presidency. The only thing her candidacy would accomplish would be potentially splitting votes with Governor Palin and it’s extremely doubtful that she would be able to take enough votes for it to make a difference. The desperation from the establishment is reaching comical levels now. The establishment will soon be pushing for Rush Limbaugh to run for the presidency if it believes that he could damage a Palin presidential bid.

Update: Bachmann’s chief of staff confirms that his boss won’t be "affected by the decisions of Pawlenty or former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin."

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