47 Reasons Governor Palin Is Qualified to Be President

One of the many memes the GOP establishment, the Left and the media try to stick to Governor Palin is that she is unqualified to be President if she chooses to run. With today being her 47th birthday, it’s odd that so many people think she is younger than thirty-five years old! So, in honor of her birthday, I’d like to share 47 reasons Governor Palin is qualified to be President above and beyond constitutional requirements. In no particular order:

1) She won’t perjure herself by taking the Presidential oath of office like many of her potential opponents.

2) She has 9 years of executive experience, more than 3 times as much as the current President. As Governor, she held the 2nd most powerful gubernatorial office in the country.

3)She knows how to budget. In her years as Governor, she reduced the state budget 9.5% over her predecessor and put $5 billion in state savings.

4) She reduced federal earmark requests 80% as Governor over her predecessor, recognizing the need for fiscal responsibility at both state and national levels.

5) She’s a proven reformer. She strove to break the bonds between Alaskan politicians and oil companies and passed sweeping ethics reform.

6) She believes in true governmental transparency. As Governor, she put the state checkbook online to allow constituents to know how and where the state was spending revenue. During the negotiations of one of the cornerstones of her administration, the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA), all proposals were made available for public consumption.

7) In signing the AGIA legislation and the progress that continues to this day, she brought a transcontinental pipeline project from Alaska to the Lower 48 further than 30 years of previous administrations. AGIA is the largest private sector infrastructure project in North American history.

8 ) She believes in oversight not over regulation for energy development. She opened an Petroleum Integrity Office to oversee energy development in Alaska.

9) She believes in an all-of-the-above approach to energy development, including opening up ANWR, on shore drilling, off shore drilling, natural gas, coal, nuclear, and renewables.

10) She understands the effects of quantitative easing will have on the economy in general and on commodity prices specifically.

11) She would have the intestinal fortitude to actually take on reformation of entitlement programs to help derail the bullet train to bankruptcy.

12) For the role of the presidency, the Constitution devotes the majority of its text to the role of commander-in-chief. Governor Palin would take this role seriously as displayed by her commitment to America’s military and her desire for a strong national defense.

13) As part of her commitment to strong national defense, she criticized the Obama administration for making cuts to missile defense, and she stands strongly against the START treaty between Russia and America.

14) She has been firmly against Obamacare from the beginning of legislative talks and strongly supports repeal.

15) She truly sees America as an exceptional nation because of its people. She praises what makes America unique; she doesn’t apologize.

16) She puts principles above party and political expediency.

17) She has stood strongly for securing America’s borders, as shown by her support of Arizona’s immigration law.

18) She is strongly pro-life–a welcomed far cry from the most pro-abortion president in history now occupying the White House.

19) She supports human rights, particularly speaking out against the human rights abuses in China, Iran, and amongst peoples who embrace Sharia law.

20) With regard to foreign policy, she has a far better grasp situation in Egypt with regard to the potential of the Muslim brotherhood’s involvement in a new government and Mubarak’s plans better than members of President Obama’s intelligence team, Leon Panetta and James Clapper.

21) She actually had private sector experience that would enable her to understand what it takes to make payroll and budget within one’s means, unlike the majority of members of the Obama administration.

22) She’s a strong advocate for the 10th amendment, showing she understands not only the balance of powers between the branches of the federal government, but also between the federal and state governments.

23) She shows grace under fire. In spite of having accusations of blood libel launched against her, she stood strongly and gracefully for the victims of the shooting in Tucson and for the freedom of open political discourse.

24) Beyond her political achievements and strong conservative stances, she has character. In spite of two and a half years of a constant barrage of ethics complaints, smears, lies, and media misrepresentation, she has remained strong.

25) She has the ability to communicate with people across the spectrums of age, education, and background. She’s just as comfortable speaking to with businesspeople in Hong Kong as she is speaking to GOP supporters in California or pro-life advocates in Indiana.

26) She stands strongly with America’s allies, like Israel.

27) The American people stand with her on the issues more than they do the current president.

28) She has already taken on the Establishment in Alaska and won.

29) She lives America’s motto — in God we trust.

30) She ticks off all the right people.

31) She believes that shrinking government expands individual freedom.

32) She understands the threats of countries like Iran.

33) She understands the difference between separation of church and state and separation of God and state.

34) As Governor, she forward funded education, giving schools greater flexibility and predictability in their planning.

35) She was prescient of the Obama administration’s plans and policies as far back as September of 2008, and she can effectively reverse these policies.

36) She is a firm advocate of freedom of speech, even standing up for those who have denigrated her.

37) She knows how to respond to the largest environmental disaster in our nation’s history, unlike our current president.

38) She believes America needs to restored, not fundamentally transformed.

39) She has the optimism of Reagan with the tenacity of Thatcher.

40) With Governor Palin as President, the era of big government would really be over.

41) She doesn’t believe in identity politics or put people in a box. She sees individual Americans, not voting blocs.

42) She’s an American first, conservative second, and Republican third.

43) She speaks from the heart, not a teleprompter.

44) She is a leader, not a politician.

45) She believes in developing a strong work ethic.

46) She learns from others who have been at the other end of the political and religious spectrum–Reagan was a former Democrat, Thomas Sowell is a former Marxist, and C.S. Lewis was a former atheist.

47) She’s not afraid to go rogue.

For more on Governor Palin’s presidential qualifcations, please see here.

Happy 47th birthday, Governor!

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