Congratulations to Chris Olds and Tyler Huntington For Winning the 2011 Iron Dog Championship! UPDATED – Video: Governor Palin Talks To KTUU

Chris Olds and Tyler Huntington won the 2011 Iron Dog! This is their second win in a row. They won the 2010 Iron Dog as well.

Todd Palin and Eric Quam crossed the finish line second. Todd has won four Iron Dog championships while Quam has won one.

Team 7, Davis/Davis, crossed the finish line third. Scott Davis was Todd’s partner up until this year. This year he raced with his son, Cory.

This year proved that in the Iron Dog, anything can happen. What a crazy ride. Congratulations again to everyone who competed in one of the toughest races in America.

Update: KTUU has a photo gallery of the finish here. The Palins are featured in pictures 18-26.

Update II: (Via PalinTV): Governor Palin Talks to KTUU at Finish Line of Iron Dog Race

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