David Solway: The More Sarah Palin Seems Unelectable, the More Electable She May Actually Be.

Via David Solway at Pajamas Media:

Let me begin with a paradox. The more Sarah Palin seems unelectable, the more electable she may actually be. The media blitzkrieg launched against Palin may be interpreted not as a sign of her unfitness for office but precisely as a measure of her eligibility. As I’ve written elsewhere, “Palin’s electability can be reckoned as an inverse function of the virulent campaign intent on her delegitimation. … The greater the fury … she is met with, the greater the likelihood that she poses a genuine threat. One does not raise a mallet to crush an ant.” Conversely, the beatification of Obama by the same leftist media is an infallible indication that they are arguing in partibus infidelium. Indeed, the media is almost always inversely reliable, providing an ironic touchstone for the facts of any matter. Just cross out and write in the opposite and we can be confident of a more accurate approximation to the truth.

Thus we are told that Palin’s “national negatives” are too high for her to be regarded as a viable candidate. But this is to forget that such “negatives” are mainly the result of a coordinated media assault whose effect can be mitigated with time, intelligent pushback and increased exposure on the ground. Presence can counter image and word of mouth can triumph over print. Negatives can be neutralized and even turned into positives. Harry Truman’s whistle-stop tour through the American heartland enabled him to upstage a heavily-favored Tom Dewey in 1948. The cries of “Give ‘em Hell, Harry,” which became his campaign theme, can translate in the present context as “Give ‘em Hell, Sarah,” if she takes her show on the road.

We are also told that Palin has polarized the nation, which is the fiction the media wants us to accept. The truth is that America has been unraveling since the ’60s and that Obama, not Palin, has even further divided the nation, so much so that America has come to resemble not a single, unified country but two or more countries in a state of internecine conflict. As the “culture wars” continue to heat up, E pluribus unum might better read Ex uno plures. Metaphorically speaking, the waters are rising, not receding, as President Canute once assured us. There should be no doubt about this. It is Obama, the putative redeemer of his nation and the great healer, who, through both his agenda and his failings, has brought his nation to the very brink.

Indeed, Obama may be regarded as a Harry Potter manqué, a boy magician who would transform Muggledom (America) and save Hogwarts (Washington) but ended up on the verge of ruining both. And even at forty-nine, he remains a boy, petulant, swaggering, craving attention, out of his depth, and fruitlessly waving his magic wand while his geopolitical adversaries snicker behind their hands and do exactly as they like. Even many of his domestic constituents have begun to turn away, his once astronomical ratings down by almost a third. (The recent bump in his poll numbers following his memorial speech in Tucson and the State of the Union address will prove ephemeral.) Obama-Potter should have contemplated the Hogwarts motto before awakening the electorate: “Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus,” or “Never tickle a sleeping dragon.”

Consequently, the media are in panic mode and will mobilize their inventory of maledictions to sink the candidacy of the woman they fear in order to buttress the fortunes of the man they adore.

This is an excellent piece by Solway. Go here and read the whole thing. The media are on a mission to convince the electorate (and the Governor herself) that she can’t win, that she should simply go away and leave weighty matters of state to those who are responsible for the mess we’re in.  As Solway so aptly put it, one does not raise a mallet to crush an ant, yet that is exactly what the Obama media has been doing since August 2008.

Whether it’s with meaningless polls or the myriad columns written in the past two and one-half years about how she can’t compete with the great intellectual prowess of their Messiah (despite all evidence to the contrary), they have been steadfast in their assertion that she can’t beat the man-child president…and shouldn’t even try. If that’s really so, why all the fuss?  Why not get on board with Dana Milbank’s February boycott of all things Palin?  Indeed why end the boycott February 28th?  Why not extend it ad infinitum?  After all, if she really has no chance of beating Obama, why not devote all their time and resources to attacking Republican candidates who can?

And yet they won’t.  Just yesterday the Washington Post, which is really nothing more than an extension of the DNC, devoted two columns to attacking Governor Palin (I guess they didn’t get Milbank’s memo).  In one of them, lefty a*s clown Greg Sargent attempts to twist polling data from Markos Moulitsas’ pollster to make the case that Governor Palin is a birther or something (this despite the fact that the Governor has pointedly denounced this ludicrous conspiracy theory).  Moulitsas, readers will recall, is the buffoon who first claimed Governor Palin was responsible for the murders in Tucson.

Sargent’s calumny was matched by fellow Washington Post loon Jonathan Capehart, who cited meaningless hypothetical polling data to, you guessed it, make the case that Governor Palin can’t be elected president.  If that’s really the case, why the Palin obsession, Johnny?  Why do the media largely ignore the rest of the potential GOP field?

Capehart’s entire piece is essentially a regurgitation of liberal talking points and is, at best, pedestrian.  I’ve had the misfortune to see Capehart on MSNBC (where else?) and his comments there are as predictably banal as his writing.  Last year we analyzed one of his typically inane columns which, like yesterday’s, was a textbook case of a sophomoric attack on Governor Palin by someone with the brain power of, er, Dana Milbank.   One can’t help but wonder why any organization would pay this loss to write or speak about, well, anything at all.

I digress…

Solway’s point is irrefutable. The reason the mainstream media devote so much time and resources to convince us that Governor Palin can’t beat Obama is precisely because she can.  They don’t even make a pretense of objectivity anymore.  They want Obama to win, and are doing their best to make it so.  Having the GOP nominate a generic mannequin as their candidate will ensure Obama’s reelection, and the only way to guarantee such a scenario is to convince Governor Palin to stay home.  This is not complicated.

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Update: (h/t Sheya) The efficacy of the poll Greg Sargent cites above was thoroughly refudiated yesterday by Pollinsider.

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