Even the Center-Left Business Insider Concedes Governor Palin “Has Nothing to Fear” From Bailey’s Manuscript

Even the center-left Business Insider concedes that Governor Palin has “nothing to fear…if the anecdotes of the book that have been released are the worst things Bailey can find to say about her in 456 pages.”

I recognize that some of you would like us to stop discussing this story and we have no intention of going overboard with our coverage of it. However, we do believe there is a need to push back against the way the media and Democrat Party extremists have characterized Bailey’s manuscript. Nobody in the media has conceded that Bailey has failed to produce even one e-mail that the Governor allegedly wrote that would implicate her in any wrongdoing when it comes to the RGA ad or would directly contradict any statement that she made under oath in the Troopergate saga. The media is shamelessly allowing Bailey and an extremist like Jeanne Devon to get away with claiming that they have thousands of e-mails from Governor Palin without also noting that none of the e-mails prove that she ever engaged in any improper or illegal activity.

The media has also failed to note that all of the e-mails that Bailey claims to have received from Governor Palin have yet to be authenticated. Remember that Bailey admits to having access to her e-mail account and knew the password that she used to get into her account.

Because he doesn’t have any e-mails that prove the Governor engaged in unethical conduct, Bailey resorts to using e-mails that she allegedly wrote to slam her character, intelligence, and competence. However, even if you assume for the sake of argument that the e-mails that Bailey claims come from Governor Palin were indeed written by Governor Palin, the only thing that the e-mails show is that the Governor reacts in the same way that most humans would react during campaigns and in life. The e-mails only show that the Governor has the same frustrations that we all have with ourselves, with family members, and with our co-workers from time to time.

What Bailey presents as mood swings are really just the way humans normally respond to good and bad news. We’re typically in a better mood when we get good news and we’re typically in a sour mood when we get bad news. What Bailey is effectively arguing is that you are somehow mentally unstable if your demeanor changes in response to good or bad news. I think most people would agree that the person who shows no emotion at all in response to bad news is the person more likely to have mental issues than the person who expresses disappointment upon receiving bad news.

What Bailey characterizes as dastardly political activities are just standard tactics and techniques that all politicians use. Bailey hilariously describes “freeping” online unscientific polls as complete manipulation. He characterizes drafting “letters to the editor” and having others assist with the writing of her “opinion editorials” as pure deception. I suppose Bailey is indicting every politician in America for manipulation and deception as every politician relies upon the same strategies that he alleges Governor Palin relied upon.

Sheya has also read through parts of the manuscript as well and I’ll conclude with his very salient analysis:

Bailey goes on about her complaining about every little thing and how she constantly tried to find someone to blame. Newsflash: she’s a politician. That’s what they do. They’re all concerned about their image and their reputation. It’s not as if Obama doesn’t get ticked off with the stupid little things. The only politician that I know that truly didn’t care was GW Bush.

Bailey idolized her and put her on a pedestal and thought she was God or something. He thought she was flawless. He didn’t realize she was human and did what humans do. He felt let down when it became apparent she was human. Humans have bad days, occasionally let off some steam, have arguments with their spouses, and even get impatient with their children.

I also think Bailey had a crush on her and tried to walk on eggshells in order to never disappoint her. But he never got the same from her. For her, it was a professional relationship. For him, there was some fantasy and eventually lust turned to hate.

It also appears that Bailey couldn’t handle disagreement and if there was disagreement, he took it as if he was shut out from her circle.

As for when she allegedly hung up on Bristol, let’s assume that it did happen for the sake of argument. I have 4 kids and trust me, I’ve done that many times. I love my kids and in most cases, I’ll drop everything for them. But come on, sometimes you’re busy with something and your kid bugs you and you just want to hang up. The guy takes the challenges that we all encounter as humans and tries to turn her into a monster.

Nearly all of her supporters recognize she’s a human being that can make mistakes and has bad days. We support her because we believe in her principles, we believe in what she stands for, and we believe that she would put the nation on the right track. For Bailey, it was more than that. He got caught up in idolizing her and lusting for her. When he realized she’s just human, all his beliefs were shattered and everything human she’s ever done suddenly became evil acts.

I think this book is more a story of his obsession than a story of anything she did wrong.

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