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Even the Daily Kos Pollster Shows Governor Palin Leading in New Mexico

I recognize that citing a poll from the Daily Kos pollster is akin to slitting your wrists but Markos Moulitsas’s pollster finds her leading the GOP field in New Mexico:

Palin 20%
Huckabee 17%
Romney 16%
Johnson 13%
Pawlenty 6%
Paul 4%
Daniels 3%

Her lead increases slightly when you take Gary Johnson out of the equation. Even though we are dealing with small sample sizes, she seems to benefit when Ron Paul or an equivalent libertarian is not included in the poll.

Overall, it’s not a surprise that she’s polling well with the New Mexico Republican primary electorate as New Mexico is one of her stronger states for the primary. She’ll probably need to beat Romney or an equivalent moderate by a decent margin in New Mexico and she’ll probably get that margin once Mike Huckabee formally ends the charade and announces he’s not running.

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