Even the Far-Left David Corn Understands The Difference Between a Scientific Survey and An Unscientific Survey

It’s a sad state of affairs when a far-left radical like David Corn is the one with the most reasonable reaction to the CPAC straw poll results:

CPACers again show they live on another planet, choosing Ron Paul in pres. straw poll (30%). Mitt in 2nd w/ 23%. Palin gets 3%

Unfortunately, most people in the media and on our side do not comprehend the distinction between a scientific survey and an unscientific survey. They don’t comprehend the distinction between a poll with a randomly selected sample and a poll with a self-selected sample. Even though it’s absolutely clear that Mike Huckabee will not run for President, he would have clearly won more than 2% of the vote that he received in the straw poll with any representative Republican electorate.

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