Frank Bailey and Extremist Jeanne Devon Fail To Provide Any Substantiated Evidence that Governor Palin Coordinated with the RGA in 2006

As you may already know, Frank Bailey is trying to find a publisher dishonest enough to pay him money for a manuscript that he wrote with the assistance of Jeanne Devon, the Democrat Party extremist who runs a blog called Mudflats that gets very little traffic. We have read the poorly written manuscript and it’s pretty clear that Bailey needed a better ghostwriter than the barely coherent Devon. What we found most jarring about Bailey’s manuscript is the paucity of evidence he has to support the outrageous claims he makes against Governor Palin. This post in particular will deal with Bailey’s specious allegation that Governor Palin illegally coordinated with the Republican Governor’s Association to produce a campaign ad that the RGA ran in support of her general election candidacy in 2006.

Alaska election law prohibits candidates from coordinating with third-party campaign efforts such as the RGA. However, this law did not prevent the RGA from running ads supporting Governor Palin as long as there was no coordination between Palin and the RGA in the production of such ads. Bailey alleges that Palin did coordinate with the RGA to produce the following ad.

The first problem for Bailey is that it’s questionable whether many of the e-mails that Bailey claims to have come from Governor Palin actually came from the Governor herself. After all, the testimony at the Kernell trial revealed that Bailey had access to her e-mail account and he knew the password the Governor used to get into it. There is no way to determine the authenticity of any of the e-mails that he claims to have received from the Governor.

Even assuming the e-mails are authentic for the sake of argument, the bigger problem for Bailey is that he fails to produce even one e-mail from the Governor to support his argument that she coordinated with the RGA in the production of the ad. He even fails to quote anything that the Governor allegedly said that would support his argument that she coordinated with the RGA to produce the ad at issue. What Bailey essentially does is accuse the Governor of breaking a campaing law without citing to an e-mail that she allegedly wrote or to anything that she allegedly said that would support his claim.

The Knowles campaign complained about the RGA ad and the Alaska Democrat Party filed a complaint against Palin alleging illegal coordination with the RGA in the production of the ad. The complaint was subsequently dismissed. The funny thing is that the e-mails that Bailey claims to have come from Governor Palin after the ad ran are clearly exculpatory. The two e-mails that allegedly come from Governor Palin show someone who doesn’t have the foggiest idea about why the Tony Knowles’ campaign and the Alaska Democrat Party would be making such an allegation.

Now why would Governor Palin write what she did in these e-mails if she really did coordinate with the RGA to produce an illegal ad? If she was guilty, wouldn’t she be sending her closest confidantes e-mails about how to cover up the misdeed?

Bailey’s explanation for these Palin e-mails is that the Governor was purposefully playing dumb and trying to cover up her tracks. Why would she play coy when communicating with people she absolutely trusted? In order to believe Bailey’s theory, one would also need to believe that the Governor envisioned a day when one of her confidantes would turn on her and that she prepared for such a scenario by making sure the e-mails she sent to the confidantes she expected to turn on her were purposefully dishonest.

Besides the lack of evidence, another problem with Bailey’s claim is that besides the Alaska Republican Party, the RGA is probably the last organization that Governor Palin would turn to for help. At the time, Mitt Romney was the man running the RGA. Without a doubt, Romney and his gang ran the RGA in an incompetent and embarrassing fashion. Given her personal history with Randy Ruedrich, how likely is it that Governor Palin would want anything to do with someone like Mitt Romney, let alone assist his organization in the production of a campaign ad? In this video, her campaign spokesman Curtis Smith says he wrote in his diary about the degree of animosity that he held towards the RGA for producing the ad at issue (at around the 10:30 mark):

In Bailey’s mind, Smith must have purposefully played dumb in his diary in the same way Governor Palin purposefully played dumb in her e-mails in order to protect himself from the day Frank Bailey would release an incoherent manuscript that failed to produce substantiated evidence that a wrongful act was committed.

The lie that the Governor illegally coordinated with the RGA is the only new lie that Bailey is able to offer in addition to the million other lies that Democrat Party extremists have published about Governor Palin. Depending on your sense of humor, it’s either quite funny or quite sad that Bailey is unable to produce one e-mail from Governor Palin that implicates her in this issue when the only reason that anyone is paying attention to his manuscript is because it supposedly holds smoking gun e-mails from Governor.

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