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Governor Palin Speaks With Eric Bolling Again Tonight at 9 PM EST/Open Thread

She’s on the Fox Business Network again tonight at 9 PM EST.

In any event, here’s the news:

-Ron Christie does a pretty good job backing up the Governor’s comments on Egypt during this MSNBC Hardball segment.

Remember when Palin said the federal government is “screwing things up” when it comes to the economy?

Beck: Sarah Palin’s shoes more like Reagan than Obama

Julian Assange Was in Hiding — from Sarah Palin

-Here’s Bristol’s interview with E online.

-A CNN poll shows that support for Governor Palin as the 2012 Republican presidential nominee has increased by around 35% among Republican and Republican-leaning independents since the last CNN poll of Republican and Republican-leaning independents in November.

Huckabee 21%
Palin 19%
Romney 18%
Gingrich 10%
Paul 7%
Barbour 3%
Daniels 3%
Pawlenty 3%
Santorum 1%

The crosstabs show that she’s leading among women, rural voters, Republican-leaning independents, and Republican/Republican-leaning independents under 50 years of age.

Since it’s pretty clear that Mike Huckabee isn’t running, it’s also important to note that she’s leading the "second-choice" field.

Palin 19%
Romney 18%
Huckabee 14%
Gingrich 8%
Paul 8%
Pawlenty 5%
Daniels 4%
Santorum 3%
Barbour 1%
Thune 1%

Even though CNN didn’t provide a more thorough breakdown on the "second-choice" question, it’s more than reasonable to assume that much of her "second-choice" support comes from Huckabee supporters while Romney’s "second-choice" support probably comes from others. It’s tough to see how Romney wins this thing once Mike Huckabee ends the charade and announces that he’s staying on Fox News.

Are the Laker fans here willing to give up Andrew Bynum for Carmelo Anthony even if it means you’ll only be able to keep Anthony for this season?

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