Heartbreaking: Kathleen Parker Loses CNN Gig With Client #9

So sad.  And after just four years months.  My mistake…it only seemed like four years.

Kathleen Parker, the co-host of “Parker Spitzer,” CNN’s four-month-old, ratings-challenged primetime show, is being dropped from the program, according to sources inside the CNN newsroom. Eliot Spitzer, her co-host, will remain, and beginning on Monday the show will be called “In the Arena.”

“We have decided to take the show in a new direction,” Ken Jautz, CNN’s president, wrote in a memo to staffers Friday. “We will be adopting an ensemble format with several newsmakers, guests and contributors joining Eliot Spitzer each night.”

The Palin-deranged Kathleen Parker has had a bad week. First, her preferred candidate for 2012 announced he wasn’t running (driven to this announcement by Governor Palin, of course).  And now this.  Adding insult to injury, so superfluous was Parker to the show that CNN has no plans to even replace her, opting instead for a series of guests and contributors.   I guess there’s not enough room on cable TV for another show co-anchored by one liberal who admits to being liberal and another liberal who pretends not to be whose programming format is based almost entirely on attacking Governor Palin.  One Morning Joe is enough, I guess.

In any event, it will be interesting to see where the show goes from here…though not interesting enough for me to watch.  CNN will now have to rely on the, er, charisma of Eliot Spitzer alone.  This would appear on the surface to be problematic.  One of Spitzer’s, ahem, former business associates has a lot less confidence in Spitzer’s ability to maintain one’s interest than does CNN.

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