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Iron Dog Race to the Finish/Open Thread (Update: Livestream Ended)

GPS tracking here. Iron Dog FB here.

UPDATE: Live Stream Over

Saturday, 8:08 PM: The Iron Dog Facebook page reports:

Team #11, Palin/Quam are in the lead. Team #10, Huntington/Olds, just check out at Nenana and are 17 minutes behind.

Saturday, 7:31 PM: KTUU reports that "Team 11 Palin/Quam is through Nenana according to GPS tracker."

Saturday, 7:29 PM: Apparently KTUU will livestream the finish here, which will come sooner than expected (h/t multiple commentators).

Saturday, 6:10: Team 11 in the lead? FB:

It’s a race, Team 11 Palin/Quam is through Manley. Checkers said they haven’t seen Team 10 Huntington/Olds yet. KTUU Blog updating as information comes in:

Saturday, 6:03 pm: Looks like Team #11 has made it to the checkpoint in Manley. Only two more to go until Fairbanks. Next stop, Nenana.

Saturday, 5:15 pm: They’re off! Team 11 close on Team 10’s heels.

Treat this as the open thread for the Iron Dog finish this evening. KTUU will be live-streaming the finish starting at 6 pm Alaska time. This thread will be updated like the old one, with new updates on top. Update times are Eastern.

The teams are in Tanana now, about to take off.

Release order from Tanana:

10 Huntington/Olds 1:00:00 PM
2 11 Palin/Quam 1:01:58 PM
3 7 Davis/Davis 1:23:15 PM
4 21 Branholm/Spernak 1:43:00 PM
5 2 Sottosanti/Zwink 2:03:00 PM
6 40 Marks/Marks 2:08:00 PM
7 5 McAllen/Cherrier 2:13:00 PM
8 18 Willamson/Hingsbergen 2:18:00 PM

Times are AK.


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