Even the Latino Decisions Poll Concedes Governor Palin Effectively Outperforms the Generic Republican Among Latinos

We should probably get Pollinsider to start blogging here so you won’t have to hear from me anymore. In any event, Pollinsider has a keen observation:

3) By 61-21% Latinos plan to vote for Obama over “Generic Republican.”

4) Latinos Like Sarah Palin more than the Republican Party: Sure, the headlines run by the media/Politico went more like: “Hispanics hate Sarah Palin” but in reality, and compared to Republicans, she isn’t doing half bad. 23% View the former Alaska governor at least somewhat favorable while 53% view her at least somewhat unfavorably. And that’s much better than what Latinos think of the GOP (18% GOP Doing Good, 66% GOP Anti-Latino/Don’t really care about Latinos).

Keep in mind too that the sample for the “ImpreMedia/Latino Decisions poll” was comprised of 54% Democrats and 14% Republicans. Around a quarter of Hispanics don’t have an opinion about her. If you assume that all the Hispanics who don’t like her vote for Obama and the Hispanics who do like her vote for her, then that leaves around a quarter of the Hispanic vote open. Obama is the one who needs to win at least 60% of the Hispanic vote (and even that may not be enough) to even have a chance at re-election.

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