NY Sun: Palin Will Draw a Contrast With Obama in Her Visit Next Month to India

Pranay Gupte writes the following in the New York Sun:

Mrs. Palin’s India journey is an important one. For one, Indians would like to hear a clearly defined sense of America’s political and economic trajectory. Mr. Obama’s message during his trip last November was replete with predictable bromides and the usual rhetoric of bilateral friendship. He announced some major business deals that would enhance American exports, but these had been anticipated. Indians were less than happy that, however subtly, the president sought to underscore that, in Washington’s view at least, there was parity between an economy of $1.4 trillion, and a neighboring one – Pakistan – whose GDP is $167 billion….

The India trip will deepen Mrs. Palin’s geopolitical education about South Asia, a region of enormous possibilities for stronger ties with America. While her visit may be short, she will be meeting the drivers of economic change in a country that once was moribund on account of misguided Fabian socialist policies that spawned a sprawling and corrupt bureaucracy. She will also experience for herself the colors and clangor of India, an ancient land that is rapidly becoming a hyper modern nation who GDP may equal that of America in the next 50 years.

And Mrs. Palin will no doubt hear from her hosts concerns about the insidiously expanding hegemonic ambitions of China. The irony is that China is both India’s biggest trading partner, and a competitor for political influence in Asia. Should Sarah Palin decide to undertake a presidential run, or even just continue to be an influential public presence in America, she will bring back home with an enhanced sense of the political kaleidoscope of South Asia.

And given her personality, Mrs. Palin most definitely will make friends in India, which has already begun souring on President Obama for his perceived failure to follow through on promises made on his state visit. Happily, Mrs. Palin will be a political tourist; she will have no obligation to make any pledges, other than of accelerating her personal friendships in a land known for its warmth and hospitality.

You can read the entire article here.

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