Obama Most Polarizing President Evah

Via Gallup:

President Barack Obama’s job approval ratings were even more polarized during his second year in office than during his first, when he registered the most polarized ratings for a first-year president. An average of 81% of Democrats and 13% of Republicans approved of the job Obama was doing as president during his second year. That 68-point gap in party ratings is up from 65 points in his first year and is easily the most polarized second year for a president since Dwight Eisenhower.

So, to sum up, in his first year in office Obama was the most polarizing president in history. Then, as an encore, he’s even more polarizing in his second year. And yet the media continue to tell us that it’s Governor Palin who can’t be elected, that she’s too “polarizing”. But we never hear about how truly polarizing Obama is. I guess that would interfere with the narrative promulgated by the LSM that Obama is the nation’s first “post-partisan” president, that he rises above the political rancor that infects Washington or some such nonsense. Really?

Exit question: How much media coverage will today’s startling numbers receive in the next few days? My prediction: crickets.

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