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Romney Makes an Embarrassing Gaffe on the Piers Morgan Show

Romney made this embarrassing gaffe on the Piers Morgan show (emphasis on the gaffe):

At the time we were running, the most important issue that the country was concerned about was Iraq…And John McCain was an in-disputed expert on matters related to Iraq, and that was something which augured in his favor.

"Indisputed" is not a word. Romney meant to say "undisputed." What is hilarious about this gaffe is that Romney initially said "un" before changing what he said to "indisputed."

Considering that I support Governor Palin, am I being hypocritical for highlighting Romney’s verbal gaffe? I suppose so but then again, I’m not really citing Romney’s embarrassing gaffe as evidence that he’s unqualified for the Presidency. I’m also not citing Romney’s embarrassing gaffe as evidence that he’s an idiot or as evidence that he’s a terrible executive. The fact that I’m the only one citing Romney’s gaffe is evidence of someone’s hypocrisy but it isn’t mine.

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