So Christopher Christie Does Not Consider Taking Questions from a Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gun Control Democrat for Over an Hour an "Unscripted Moment?"

Christopher Christie made the following comment today:

But, certainly when I first made that comment it was in response to a question about Gov. Palin. And I think if she wants to prove she’s ready for this, you got to have some unscripted moments. Now, she may very well be up to it. If she is, good for her. But I think people want to see that. They’re very much interested in her. They want to see that about her to make a judgment as to can you trust somebody in the Oval Office who can do that? Unless you do those unscripted moments, I think it’s hard to get the person to pull the lever for you.

So I take it that Christopher does not consider taking questions from a pro-abortion, pro-gun control Democrat for over an hour before an audience of socially liberal Democrats and Republicans in an area where the Democrat Party is strong to be an "unscripted moment." I suppose Christopher also considers giving a canned speech in front of a hard-right audience at the American Enterprise Institute to be an "unscripted moment." I must have also missed the moment when pro-abortion Obama supporter Robin Roberts became a right-winger employed by the Fox News channel.

I have to concede that the latest whopper from Christopher is almost better than when his tiny group of Republican supporters nationwide suggested that SurveyUSA was conspiring against him. I had predicted her opponents would continue to push this false narrative that she only speaks to Fox News and never takes questions from people who don’t agree with her even after her appearance on Long Island where even the center-left conceded she "shined." The reason why her opponents can continue to push what is clearly a lie is because the center-right and liberal media do not correct the record. That’s why many media outlets reported that she gave a "speech" on Long Island. They did so because they wanted to erroneously create the perception that she didn’t speak unscripted or didn’t take questions from a strong political opponent.

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