Trouble in Paradise: Bailey and Company Blame Creepy Joe for Leaking Manuscript

It’s with a heavy heart that I bring this to your attention.  It seems that all is not well in the land of the Palin Haters.  Ian has posted multiple times on the pathetic efforts of Frank Bailey, Jeanne Devon, and Ken Morris to shop a manuscript which supposedly contains the smoking gun liberals have long fantasized about which will banish Governor Palin from the planet forever. Or at least America.  As Ian noted, Bailey’s book is based on nothing more substantive than a vivid imagination combined with his desire to cash in on his past association with Governor Palin. The man has nothing of interest to offer which explains why, to date, no publisher has agreed to finance his”project”.

My friends, things have taken a rather hilarious turn.  Bailey and company obviously leaked the manuscript in an attempt to generate interest and, hopefully create enough media buzz so that a publisher would bite on the project and these three morons would have their payday.  Apparently the recipient of the manuscript was none other than Joe McGinniss. Yes, that Joe McGinniss.

Creepy Joe, as he came to be known, has himself been shopping an attack on Governor Palin since the summer of 2009.  Apparently, the aforementioned three clowns are now blaming Creepy Joe for leaking the manuscript in an effort to sabotage their prospects for getting it published.   They therefore sent Creepy Joe what amounts to a cease and desist letter and posted a portion of it on Devon’s website (note: there’s no need to go there and give her the traffic):

Between February 16, 2011 and February 18, 2011 you were the recipient of an unlawfully distributed version of the Work. Although you knew that the Work was (i) distributed to you in strict confidence, and (ii) an unpublished manuscript, you choose to unlawfully distribute the Work to multiple news outlets, bloggers, political activists, and any one else you felt might be interested.

As a result of your actions, hundreds of articles and blogs have been published detailing the Work. Some of the publications have summarized the Work in great detail, and others have reproduced the Work’s content verbatim. As an author, you are well aware that your actions have significantly impaired the Copyright Owners ability to market the book….

…The Copyright Owners believe your actions were done with the single intent of destroying the marketability of the Work. It is no secret that you are writing your own “tell-all” book about Sarah Palin. By releasing the Work prior to publication, you have limited the actual interest in the Work and thereby salvaged the marketability of your own book. This matter appears to be no more than that of a jealous author sabotaging a competitor via unlawful and unscrupulous means.

Notice how they reverently capitalize the “Work” as if it’s a sacred scroll passed down from on high, worthy of its own wing at the Smithsonian.  And somehow I doubt the “Work” has resulted in “hundreds” of articles.  It really is hilarious heartbreaking to see such animosity among the Palin-deranged.  I think we can sum up this whole episode thusly. McGinniss pulls a publicity stunt for his own piece of…er…fiction by moving in next door to Governor Palin last summer.  Bailey and friends subsequently try their own publicity stunt by leaking their manuscript in the hopes that it will generate interest in their moribund project, then they blame the individual to whom they leaked it for the meager amount of interest it generated.  Have I left anything out?

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