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"The Dogcatcher Project"!

The folks here at C4P have been nice enough to let me put in a plug for my new website, "The DogCatcher Project", which is launching this morning. This is not a Palin-related project per se – but if you liked the old "Draft Palin for VP" movement (and I know a lot of you are still here), you’ll love Dogcatcher.

Essentially, we’re taking the Draft Palin template and applying it to Senate and House races in 2012 – specifically the ones the GOP establishment are likely to ignore. We’re drafting unexpected, out-of-nowhere candidates in nine races around the country – and we’re starting early in order to get ahead of any media buzz that the good old boys can drum up.

On the Senate side – we’re going after Democrats in blue-but-winnable states. These people will be vulnerable in 2012 – but may skate by without a challenge with the GOP focused on taking our red and swing state Democrats.

In the House, we’re taking on what’s left of the Blue Dog Caucus – targeting some of the most entrenched men in Congress. These so-called "conservative Democrats" have survived for decades in increasingly red districts, intimidating the GOP to the point where we don’t even bother running serious challengers. These are conservative districts and it’s high time that they got the solid conservative representation they deserve.

So, I hope you’ll join us on the adventure. We’ve got a great team assembled, and I am very much looking forward to re-entering the "crazy draft movement" business. We’ll be gradually revealing "candidates" starting next Monday, so please stop by regularly, and give us a holler at if you’re interested in helping out in any way.

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