What Senator Rand Paul Wrote About Governor Palin In His New Book

Senator Rand Paul wrote the following about Governor Palin in his new book, The Tea Party Goes to Washington:

Palin’s endorsement gave us a boost that energized supporters, brought in new ones and, of course, annoyed my opponent [Trey Grayson] and his Republican bosses to no end,” Paul writes. Shortly after the endorsement, Palin made a Saturday morning phone call to Paul’s house. He recalls talking about two issues.

“She wanted to know my position on Israel. I said that Israel was an important ally, the only democracy in the Middle East and that I would not condemn Israel for defending herself.”

“In talking to Palin, one of the primary things I wanted to do was allay any fears about social issues, telling her, ‘My opponents call me a libertarian but I want to assure you that I am pro-life.’ Palin responded, ‘Oh, we all have a little libertarian in us.’”

Hopefully Senator Paul will support her run for the presidency in 2012 if his father doesn’t run. Some scientific polling suggests that she benefits when libertarian candidates like Gary Johnson and Ron Paul are not included in polling.

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