Why Nobody Should Be Worried About Frank Bailey’s Hilarious Manuscript/Open Thread

Right now, it’s around 1:00 PM in Alaska and thus far, not one person in the Alaska media or anyone with access to Frank Bailey’s hilarious manuscript has cited one passage from Frank Bailey that is damaging and substantiated. Bailey claims to have thousands of e-mails from Governor Palin that supposedly substantiate the charges that he levels against her in the manuscript but the Alaska media that has access to the manuscript has failed to cite even one damaging e-mail.

However, the most interesting passage that the Alaska media has cited makes it clear what Bailey is trying to sell:

Nobody needed to be told what to do; we understood Sarah’s silent mandate to do something now.

In other words, Bailey will likely concede that Governor Palin rarely authorized the actions that he supposedly regrets taking. But in order for him to make money off of the manuscript, Bailey then has to rely upon the fanciful claim that Palin’s silence was somehow code for authorization. Essentially what Bailey will end up arguing is that Palin is somehow responsible for his actions, even though she rarely authorized him to take such actions, because she didn’t stop him from taking actions that she rarely authorized.

Bailey appears to be desperate enough to write anything for money. The question is whether an actual publisher will be desperate enough to give him money for essentially accusing Governor Palin of staying silent about acts she did not authorize.

In any event, Jedediah Bila has the full audio of her meeting with the Long Island Association. Hopefully, she’ll post the full audio online as well. In case you missed it, we posted the video clips that we could find of her taking questions in centrist Long Island. We added a couple of clips that have come up since last night.

Here are more in-depth write-ups of what she said. The second link explains the context behind her remark about a congressman visiting her home in Alaska recently.

Who are Dumber: Obama Voters/Democrats or “Birthers”

Here’s a look at the 2012 GOP primary based on scientific polling when you take out Mike Huckabee.

Howard Ruff:

His latest issue contains a forceful endorsement of Sarah Palin — arguing “she has fully captured the spirit of Ronald Reagan.” (Ruff was a major backer).

Of fellow Mormon Mitt Romney, Ruff says after careful consideration: “I like him, I just don’t trust him.”

What else is going on today?

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