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Both the WSJ & LA Times Misquote Governor Palin from the India Today Conclave; UPDATED

Accuracy doesn’t seem to be the media’s strong suite these days. It makes you wonder if these "journalists" are incompetent, lazy, or worse; pushing an agenda. We can only speculate the reasons, but the fact is undeniable.

Take for instance, the reporting by both the Wall Street Journal and the LA Times from Governor Palin’s speech and Q&A session at the India Today Conclave today. Both of them state that the governor said the following while giving an answer to a question:

“Free people that make up a free country don’t wage war on another country.”

That is a direct misquote. What Governor Palin actually said:

“Free people that make up a free country don’t wage war on another free country.”

Watch the clip of Governor Palin, from the event to see for yourself (at the 22:50 mark).

These reporters omitted a small, yet very important word from her sentence. The word "free." By doing so, they change the entire context of the point she was making. The governor’s true remark was 100% accurate and history proves that to be the case. Are these press agents purposely trying to make Governor Palin look uninformed by misreporting her statement? Or are they just pathetic performers at their jobs?

Either way, let’s just be happy that these "journalists" didn’t decide to become brain surgeons.

(H/T: Ian)

Update by Doug: Governor Palin’s astute remark is a variation on the brilliant economist Frederic Bastiat’s famous truism:

"When goods cannot cross borders, armies will."

In other words, free and open societies have no reason to engage in war with each other and rarely do, but when that freedom is denied by tyrannical governments, war usually ensues.  As Stacy noted, history has borne this out, and Bastiat’s point was as true in the first half of the 19th century as Governor Palin’s variation of it is today.  The reporters to whom Stacy refers are either not bright enough to understand this, or are purposefully distorting what Governor Palin said.  Par for the course for the mainstream media in the Age of Obama.

Update by Stacy:  The Wall Street Journal has corrected their story, which now reads:

“Free people that make up a free country don’t wage war on another free country.”

Corrections & Amplifications: An earlier version of this post incorrectly referred to Ms. Palin as having said, “Free people that make up a free country don’t wage war on another country.”

The LA Times also corrected their version however, they didn’t post anything that said they made the correction.

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  • gahanson

    It’s not surprising, they always misquote her, or take something totally out of context, such as the "breast mill controversy" from her LI interview. It is so consistent, it is obviously deliberate.

  • jhva99

    They didn’t have a quote they could take out of context, so they had to lie about the quote. Underscoring how good the speech and the QA was.

    • bradkarr

      Exactly right, I misquoted myself when I said misquoted, I should have said lied.

  • Henry D’Andrea

    I commented on both posts pointing out their error. Doesn’t surprise me that they did this though.

  • ? Jim ?

    If that’s ALL they can find to misquote her on they are not being their usual self and/or she did an EXCELLENT job. I opt for a bit of the former and a whole lot of the latter!!

  • WEL2

    The leftwing propagandists do this constantly. They ignore the many important, substantive things Gov. Palin says, and pick out something they can focus on to distract attention from the important, substantive things she says. And they often are dishonest in the process. Their work is as slimy as they.

  • cardinalmike

    I just left a message on the WSJ board and there are others correcting the mistake. I hope managment reads the messages and can dtermine whether the writer intentionally tried to alter what Sarah said in India. Everytime I read one of these misquotes, I am going to call or write the management. This stuff needs to stop!

    • bradkarr

      Yeah, WSJ of all publications to do this.

    • Guest

      I also emailed AP, here is their addy for such.

      KATY DAIGLE: Palin says India-US ties are key to world’s future, warns of China’s rise in New Delhi speech.

  • Guest

    I read today in the WSJ and the LA Times that Uhbama said he was stressed out and flew down to Rio so he could get some quite time beach front golfing in..

    It is time to stop the defensive measures, we need to go on the offense and use the left’s Alinsky tactics against them, in short, Palinize Uhbama without mercy. Uhbama is a much larger target rich environment than Sarah Palin ever was. As Donald Trump the birther said, "there is just something very strange about the man."

    It will be very effective. Hades, the left now gets all wee wee’d up when there is even the slightest hint of dissin Uhbama. Lets make their heads explode for a change, not ours.

    • StacyDrake

      However, we will never stop pointing out when the press misquotes her. We are trying to set the record straight.

    • sc4GOP

      Hey CP….love the way you say "Uhbama". Is that in honor of Brezinsky calling him that? It gives me the creeps to hear him say that in his Eastern European accent….ugh!

  • TheTotalConservative

    Even though Murdoch owns the WSJ it is still mostly left-wing media crap.

  • Guest

    Sarah is misquoted. So, what else is new? Don’t these morons realize that her speech was recorded and that the truth will be exposed? They just never learn and the lady keeps wiping the floor with their their sorry little behinds.

    • tingale12

      "Realize" does not mean anything to these particular group of people. Much more know the difference between lies and Truth.

  • Buddahfan

    I know that Gov Palin reads the WSJ.

    Personally I stopped reading both the Los Angeles Times (though many prefer to refer to it is the L.A. Times) and WSJ years ago because of such nonsense and for other reasons

    • tingale12

      I stopped my subscription to WSJ, Not worth a centavo.

  • TheTotalConservative

    Those puds intentionally misquoted her. The WSJ will probably man up. The LA Slimes probably not.

    • Betsey_Ross

      There are lazy jerks at both papers. One or the other got the quote from one or the other. It’s just the way it’s done these days. None of them saw or heard Sarah speak. It’s more a gossip thing than anything. The few journalists that get most things right are few and far between. In fact I can’t think of one in the LSM

  • JohnnyMcDonald

    If they can’t misquote her, they don’t have a reason to exist. Keep on keeping on, Sarah.

  • Guest

    I just went over to the LA Times and commented. Called them out for their misrepresentation of the quote and gave the correct one. Comment will likely not stand, for I prefaced it with, LA Times, liar, liar, pants on fire.

    Others can click the LA Times link, go to the story, also comment, and call them out.for their perfidious mistatements.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Fabian at The Hill and Joyella at Mediaite also grossly misquoted her. Amazingly, these fools keep proving her right when she accuses them of "making stuff up".

    • lonestar

      The Hill hates Palin. That horrid woman with the initials for a name (A.B. Stoddard) is a big time obot. Whenever she is on Bret’s panel, I fast forward the DVR. I can’t stand to see or hear her after the way she trashes Palin every chance she gets. I like the one back in 2009 where she said Palin was finished in politics. Completely ruined, she said.

      • tingale12

        The woman is so phony. Every time she opens her mouth,I could see her teeth are so spaced far apart. My grandma used to say, every time you speak against or misinterpret a statement, and tell a lie, your teeth shifts.!!! Her words of wisdom resonates whenever I hear this dultz. speak

  • gahanson

    Sarah Palin: America and India are a testament to the positive force of human aspirations

    Transcript of her speech.

  • BoxHead1

    Is there some secret contract out there were if you are a journalist and you misquote SP to her detriment then you get employee of the month benefits? .

    The truth is that the truth is not exposed for everyone. Lots of people are fooled forever because they don’t bother doing basic research.

    Someone should write a book documenting all of the misquotes of Sarah Palin by the LSM. At least a list of names with the bogus quotes so that when they are goggled they are stuck with the evidence of their shoddy , cynical work. Well, I know they’ll get theirs in the next world but I’d sure sure rather see them pay up in this one.

    The horrible thing about these misquotes is they stick around in the public theater forever.

    • PhillyCon

      The horrible thing about these misquotes is they stick around in the public theater forever.

      That’s why its done. Its purposeful.

    • bradkarr

      Basic research are you kidding me, most don’t even read. They get all their informatin by hearsay.

      • tingale12

        Why read? It is time consuming; when they can get their fix from someone who is clueless.

        Read? it too much to process for a non-functioning brain to begin with.

  • palinsupporter1

    It makes perfect sense u troll.

  • footballchik1

    It’s not gobbledygook. That statement is a VERY powerful one and I take it you are making that comment as a free person from a free country you jerk!

    • footballchik1

      And my guess is the WSJ and LA Slimes misquoted her so people would think of Iraq right away but if they would have added that last free like Sarah stated it makes perfect sense.

    • tingale12

      Oh well, IMO for someone to interpret a concept or perspective as meaningless or incoherent, or goobledygook, apparently don’t have the hutzpah to defend their opposition or gave a substantive reason.

      Another useless mammal. Sometimes the Borg can be real.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    While Sarah was in India talking about energy, jobs, and security being inextricably linked, here’s what Obama said in Rio:

    In particular, with the new oil finds off Brazil, President Rousseff has said that Brazil wants to be a major supplier of new stable sources of energy, and I’ve told her that the United States wants to be a major customer, which would be a win-win for both our countries.

    That man is absolutely clueless.

    • footballchik1

      That quote angers me so much! What say you Obama trolls??? Are you proud that we are going to get more of our oil from Brazil when we have the supply, American workers, and better standards here.

    • sc4GOP

      Please tell me he did not say that….GTHO!

      • PhillyCon

        But the people on our side (RINOS) continue to praise the guy.

    • tingale12

      This imposters main goal and objective from the get go is to destroy this country. Keep repeating his mantra- Fundamentally transform," Every citizen IMO should bind it in their minds and hearts.

      A puppet by the "spooky dude,"( Glenn Beck so graciously call GSuros), strings tied to his hip, have to obey orders. He cannot win relecton if GSuros cut off funding.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    Can’t someone ban this troll?

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