Even the Daily Kos Pollster Concedes that Charlie Sheen Wins Almost the Same Percentage of the Vote Against Obama As He Does Against Governor Palin

The Daily Kos/SEIU pollster must be pretty desperate for attention if it’s polling Sheen v. Obama and Sheen v. Palin. It buries its overall finding that Sheen wins almost the same percentage against Obama (24%) as he does against Palin (29%). Cornell law professor William Jacobsen notes:

Isn’t the headline that 24% of the population definitely would choose Charlie Sheen over the sitting President of the United States? Or that another 19% are not sure? How about this headline:

“43% of Americans would consider voting for Charlie Sheen over Barack Obama!”
Or how about this:

“The most media-adored President in history could lose 43% of the vote to Charlie Sheen!”

PPP set out to embarrass Sarah Palin, but ended up embarrassing itself.

Rush Limbaugh also talked about the poll here.

If the Daily Kos/SEIU pollster wanted to be taken seriously by anyone but far-left extremists, it would poll Palin v. Obama v. this person.

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