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Governor Palin Talks to Democrat Greta Van Susteren Tonight About Obama’s Lackluster Libya Speech/Open Thread

She’ll talk to Greta tonight at 10 PM EST to analyze what we already know will be another lackluster speech about Libya from the man who engaged in a land transaction with convicted felon Tony Rezko. Unfortunately, it appears that someone at Fox News continues to believe that there is still some value in hearing Donald Trump’s thoughts on Obama’s birth certificate.

What else is going on today?

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  • John B. Hefmier

    Loved her interview from Sunday. Can’t wait till tonight’s interview.

    • John B. Hefmier

      Oh, and I am FIRST!!!

  • technopeasant

    Only 3 and 1/2 days left to vote in March GOP presidential straw poll:

  • RefudiateGOPe

    It’s rare to see anyone on the same FNC show two nights in a row. Sarah will be on with Greta two nights in a row. Why? Because Greta wants Sarah on her show. When Greta interviews Sarah, or anyone for that matter, she asks a question, and if she doesn’t get what she thinks is a complete answer, she follows up with another one. Think about the exchange they had on Israel. Has anyone ever seen BOR have a conversation like that with anyone?

    Unlike BOR, Greta doesn’t try to one-up anyone. Greta shows her guests a lot of respect, but if someone tries to lie or obfuscate, she’ll nail them. I think Sarah respects and appreciates Greta. That’s why their appearances together are always very good.

    • ripcurl2121

      because unless palin is on her show, noone watches it. thats why she wants her on

      • Don B

        Not true. BOR, Hannity and Greta are 1, 2, 3 in that order in the 8 – 10pm slots, easily beating any other news network. Greta has almost 2M viewers per evening.

        • ripcurl2121

          she’s got mabey 1.5 and most of that is lead in from hannity. take away her palin spots and her numbers are not good

          • Don B

            But, I thought you said "noone (sic) watches it." Even 1.5 is a far cry from "noone."

  • Jean_A

    I’m third.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    I guess Jedediah can forget being a guest on Huckabee’s show. She just tweeted this:

    His record. RT @JosephMeliambro: @JedediahBila What do you believe is Mike Huckabee’s most glaring weakness as a presidential candidate?

    • Whitney Pitcher

      Huckabee had Ann Coulter on after she called him a Christian liberal either in a column or on another show. He didn’t take the comment too well, as expected.

      This kind of stuff will not help any potential candidacy for Huck either (I don’t think he’ll run anyway):

    • ellebb


  • technopeasant

    Ace of Spades GOP Presidential straw poll today:

    Current results:

    Palin 47.41% (1485)

    Cain 18.20% (570)

    Pawlenty 9.32% (292)

    Romney 6.67% (209)

    Daniels 5.65% (177)

    Bachmann 5.62% (176)

    Barbour 2.59% (81)

    Ron Paul 2.23% (70)

    Gingrich 1.47% (46)

    Huckabee 0.83% (26)

    3132 votes so far

    • gahanson

      The fact that Palin leads overwhelmingly isn’t sitting well with some of the folks over there.

      Here’s another poll:

      Currently Palin is leading with 70 percent, the next highest is Other with 11 percent, Romney 3rd with 7 percent.

      • IsraeliCojones

        There’s a guy up there who also trolls at HA: Hollowpoint.

        His main hollow point: Sarah Palin is a Socialist.

        I’m sure he’s a paid troll. Nobody can do that for nothing.

        • LostinLA1

          Let me guess – he’s pointing to ACES as his prime example of her socialism. What a load of b.s.. We need to remind people that in a contract between private parties, contracts are renegotiated all the time. And basically the State of Alaska is like a private party when dealing with its resources. The only difference is it’s a State rather than a person or corporation. But the basic concept is the same.

          • IsraeliCojones

            Spot-on. And he’s been rebuked like a million times on HA and Ace but he keeps going at it. That’s why I’m sure he’s paid. And my guess is "by Romney".

            • Firelight

              There are a few of those types over on the Hannity board. Love to say that Sarah is the socialist, funny thing is they are Ron Paul supporters.

              • LostinLA1

                Mark Levin took a few of the PaulBots to task tonight. He basically said they’re acting like a bunch of Marxists. He indicated that not all of Ron Paul’s supporters act this way, but there are more than a few that do.

              • IsraeliCojones

                As I’ve said on another thread, there are a lot of Paul’s supporters who truly hate Sarah.

        • Don B

          Hollowpoint. Ha. More like ratshot.

          Full metal jacket he ain’t, but hollow point is apt.

        • Amjean

          Yes, I have noticed. There are a group of them. Unseen and Gary handle the heavy
          work defending Palin; every now and then I get into it with one of them. At first I thought battling them was a waste of time. Then I realized that by posting a rebuttal to their
          futile bashing of Palin, we are letting the truth out there about her. So as tiresome as it
          is to deal with their nonsense, it is important to refute their ignorance.

          • IsraeliCojones

            Absolutely. Their main point is to convince fence sitters. Though a talking point like "Palin is a socialist" is really hard to swallow for most people. It will be interesting to see who will attack her on ACES during the campaign. See my guess above.

            Keep up the good work at HA, Palinistas ;)

      • palintologist

        Ha ha ha ha ha. That’s just Hollowhead (mainly). Steph usually does battle with him and holds her own quite well!

        • IsraeliCojones

          Steph is a great poster. I think he/she’s here also, right?

  • Nicole Coulter

    This might be a good time for her to remind folks that Obama has cut some of the very weapons programs we’re using in this mission. Wasn’t it the C-17 program he cut???

    • stevethird

      I’ll be watching to see if she does. That would be WAY COOL!!!

    • DefCon66

      I don’t know about the C-17 but he did cut off the F-22 Raptor production.

      • Don B

        Wouldn’t want us to have an unfair advantage over our enemies, now would he?

        • Guest

          Yes, let’s level the playing field. sarc

  • Italia1984

    Ian, I love how you’ve characterized the upcoming speech by Obama as
    "lackluster" when we haven’t even heard it! We know him so well and our
    expectations are soooooo low! I’m sure he will not disappoint.

    Run, Sarah, run.

  • Quiet_Righty

    Department of Total Honesty. I’m tuning in with the hope that I will see Sarah wearing the new glasses.

  • Amjean

    I am not watching his speech. Listening to his tone of voice makes me sick to my stomach.
    His lies make me want to scream! So, I will wait and read this thread and wait for Sarah’s comments.

    • tingale12

      Not only his voice. I detest this impostor.

    • Kjanlady

      Kitty and I are proud to say that we have never heard a single speech by obummer……why ruin a perfect record………it matters not what he says…….none of it will be true.

    • Don B

      I usually listen to Levin on the way home, but the speech was on, so I popped in a Sugarland CD instead.

      • Amjean

        Oh, I should have done that – I love Sugarland! Her voice is so remarkable!

    • Amjean

      fyi – Hot Air has 5 (probably 6 by now) pages of comments on Obama’s speech. The
      trolls did not show up yet. I think 100% of the comments are negative towards Obama’s
      characterization of what is going on with the US re Libya.

      • LostinLA1

        The trolls have to figure out what their talking points are first. If they’re honest, they’re scratching their heads too.

  • Kjanlady

    The law enforcement costs for the Wisconsin protests are at $3.2 million so far…….they have not recieved all the bills yet…..Kitty recommends:

    1) Dock the pay of the fleebaggers
    2) Dock teacher’s pay
    3) Send bill to the teacher’s unions
    4) Send Michael Moore the bill that is not payed by the first 3

  • Dan C

    I will be watching the Bulls tonight. We are poised for a good playoff run, but of course Obama will inevitably root for them and pick them which means they are doomed like his final four picks!

    My only hope is that Derrick Rose is so good that he can overcome the Obama pick curse.

    • Nancy6

      Jedi mind trick: This is not the team you want to pick. Move along, there is nothing to see here.

    • NHConservative0221

      I’ve always liked the NBA. I love sports and competition. However it made me sick when Maobama got immaculated and the entire NBA fell over to worship the guy. They said you could hear a pin drop while the Celtics were listening to Maobama. Ray Allen on TNT spoke of how much it meant to him to have a black president. Dwight Howard flew to DC for the immacultion. Kobe said it was a great time to be an American. Le-Fraud James actively campaigned for Maobama and even said at one point he’d dunk all over George W. Bush.

      Wonder why they all love Maobama so much?? Could it be based on his skin color??

    • NY59Giants

      I hope BHO picks the Bulls so my Celtics can at least make the NBA Finals.

  • Guest

    Why say "Democrat Greta Van Susteran"? Greta is one of the fairest interviewers on TV.

    • RedBrightandTrue

      Saying she’s a Democrat points out 2 things:
      1. How fair she actually is. One of the best journalists around IMO.
      2. Libs/Lefties are always saying Fox is run by Republicans.

    • RebinTexas

      Good point RMom………I believe Greta and Sarah have a very decent respect for each other. I even sensed Greta providing a little assist when she interviewed Sarah in Naples. Course, by that point – Sarah had had several long days and hours of flying and had just finished her talk there…….anyway, my respect for Greta has grown these past few months.

  • Nancy6

    I find it odd that Hannity has THE BECKEL BROTHERS on his show tonight, and touts it.
    Does he think this sweetens the deal?
    What’s the opposite of kinetic……….

    • $8196935

      One bro Lib the other Conservative. Must be fun at family gatherings

    • stevethird


    • Ceejay

      I twittered Sean and said come on, not again, (thought it was just Bob) hasn’t he worn his welcome out, NEW guests please! Oh my!

      Sarah 2012!

      • John B. Hefmier

        Bob is always on the GMP on Mondays.

    • Firelight

      The conservative Beckel is going to be in the movie Atlas Shrugs.

    • jhva99

      Static, actually.

  • Nancy6

    Hugh Hewitt going after Bill Maher and what he said about Sarah.

    • Lakerfanalways

      Bill Maher could die tomorrow and no one would care..he is a very disturbed cockroach who hates his own mother and hates women..I will NEVER understand what Ann Coulter saw in him, she must have been high on crack. Maher was accused many years ago of raping a child, nothing ever happened..his ex girlfriend said he is a racist pig who beat her..the guy has serious emotional demons and he lashes out at sarah palin for ratings because no one gives a rats behind about him

      • NHConservative0221

        Maher is a true piece of trash. I refuse to pay HBO a dime due to him alone.

        As for Coulter, I always liked her but have been started questioning her when she supported Christie. It definitely raises some questions that she could even stand to be in the same room as Maher let alone date him!!

        • LostinLA1

          Someone I know who worked in the Bush Administration knows Ann Coulter told me once that it’s "all an act with her." I don’t know if it’s true. But interesting, nevertheless.

  • bamleader

    Has anyone seen the script from her Florida speech. I have not seen nor heard anything of the speech, except for a blurb in the Florida paper.

  • gahanson

    I hope Palin tears him to shreds, and exposes the lies that he is bound to spew.

  • Lipstick

    I’m still upset I missed the big fashion discussion in the other thread. You all know I LOVE to discuss hair up or down and all that sort of stuff. Sooooooooooo, you all went and had a nice, fun little fashion discussion without me!!!!!

    I had been refraining from fashion comments and the one time I could have, I missed it.

    I guess I prefer the Guv’s hair up not just because I think it makes her look more "I’m on the job and ready to kick butt if need be" but also because I hail from Texas. You all know BIG hair is what it is all about in Texas and the hair up kind of has that feel to it.

    Here’s hoping the Guv has yet another different pair of glasses on with her hair up in this interview tonight. ;o)

    • Ceejay

      Like the Beehive do also, and yes have to weigh in, like those glasses she had in 2008! JMO

      Sarah 2012!

      We wait with baited breath to see you on Greta, I wonder how the Donald is wearing his hair, wink, wink!

    • IsraeliCojones

      This thread was great: not a word about Bachmann /sarc

  • TheTotalConservative

    Tim Pawlenty is such a Darn FRAUD. This Pathetic Piece of Crap is trying to Reach Out to the Tea Party. He is no Conservative. Please Run Governor Palin!

    • TheTotalConservative

      This Clown Tim Pawlenty and His Sharia Mortgages!

    • gahanson

      Pawlenty is a big Cap and Trade supporter, he also spent over $50 million on windmills that froze up in the winter time. I have heard that he is now changing his tune on Cap and Trade, but that is just for show, we all know that. He better invest in a lot of No Doze to hand out at his events, because he is a very monotone driven speaker. MN is a yellow dog Democrat state, and for him to have been elected twice he had to run as democrat lite. It was only after the 2008 election that he started trying to pass as a conservative.

      • CBDenver

        Not only do the windmills freeze in the winter, the electric cars don’t run too well either in cold weather.

        • Firelight

          or in electricity shortages!

          What would one do it they "needed" to plug in and there was a rolling blackout?

          • senator20526

            Hurricane and the power is down….you r stuck,,,

        • Don B

          Maybe they could use windmills to power heaters to keep the windmills from freezing. In fact, if they were to get the technology worked out, everyone could wear the proverbial beanie with a propeller to power their thermal electric underwear. Maybe Obama could sell the idea to GE.

      • susiepuma

        I live in MN – the only reason Pawlenty won was because there were 3 candidates running for Gov – he got about 49% I believe – same thing happened this last election – if the 3rd party candidate – rino horner had not run – Tom Emmer would be Gov instead of retread Dayton.,,,
        this is why I don’t like 3rd parties
        that said – I didn’t like Norm Coleman or Al Franken so I voted for the 3rd party candidate and Pawlenty let Franken have the win…………………

        so – what to do, what to do………………………..

    • crunchingk

      Ttc he is lying he wouldn’t be seen with palin and the evil one at the rally!he was scared to be seen with the t party !boy this guy is WORSE or as bad asitt the idiot!!!

    • Guest

      Actually, TPaw should embrace global warming. Ever been through a MN winter?

    • wodiej

      I didn’t see him at any Tea Party rallies before the mid terms. Suck up.

  • Nancy6

    You are about to enter a kinetic world of sarcasm:

    I beg of ya, Sarah.
    Choose wisely on which pair of glasses you wear tonight.
    There is a delicate balance at C4P.
    We are like Guam and you might tip us over, if you wear either pair of glasses tonight.
    If you wear the ones you always wear, it means something.
    If you wear the other ones, it means something.
    So, no pressure.

    • wodiej


    • sc4GOP

      Oh Nancy this was the best laugh I had all day!

    • IsraeliCojones

      Love you, Nancy <3

      * still laughing *

      Edit: Sometimes, I really wish Sarah reads the talkbacks here…

    • Don B

      Since she is on to discuss Obama’s Libya speech, she should wear a pair of Groucho glasses, with the nose and mustache. Better yet, she and Greta should both wear them.

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