Governor Palin Talks to Greta In Naples

Via PalinTV

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  • TheTotalConservative

    That is the best she has looked in some time. Her hair is perfect here. She should keep this look. I hope she runs and does not fall for the media games. She should run.

    • conservativemama

      I completely agree. The interview was great, but if we’re talking visuals, the hair, makeup jewelry (love the earrings), and suit were terrific. The left has no one that comes close. It must drive them insane.

      Liberal men know they would never have had a chance with her, and liberal women………….please their envy has consumed them. I love how she completely blew off NOW. Fabulous! Gloria Steinem, sweetie, who’s listening to you now? Relevant much? I don’t think so.

      If you have time, read what Camille Paglia has to say about Elizabeth Taylor. Paglia has a great take on the tired old feminist guard.

    • Jack Greer

      Yes, and did you see her shoes in the pre-interview clip … fabulous … definitely top-flight presidential.

      … seriously people, what the heck do you see in that woman? There is no depth or sense of true understanding and judgment to anything she says. Nothing.

  • TSM_Admin

    Great interview! I think the most "Presidential" she has looked and sounded – in an interview. (Best overall was her 8 minute video on AZ shootings.) She has slowed the pace of answers just a bit. The Palin Doctrine!

  • c4pfan

    Thanks! Fox News better get on the ball!

  • Guest

    Well, for all of you who were not sure about Bachmann, I think Sarah answered that tonight by not taking up for Bachmann when Greta brought up her assertion that women were treated unfairly. Instead, Sarah said that women just have to try harder and that life wasn’t fair. In other words, "Michelle, if you can’t take the heat, get out of politics". Sarah is not going to play nicey nice with Bachmann just because she is a woman and I think she is letting her know that.

    • sarahpalinrocks2

      Yeah, I noticed. Sarah said she lets it roll off her back and doesn’t have time to be whining about every slight/gaffe. :)

      • Guest

        Hopefully this will end the the naive assumption, by some, that Bachmann is just "setting the table" for Sarah.

        • tjd4life

          Hummm..I haven’t heard this one. So, I’m a little slow to the game; but what’s the deal with Bachmann and Palin? I thought they were pals as they campaigned for the 2010 elections.

          • Jasmine Clark

            me too but some people here hate her because of whatever. i personally don’t have a problem with her… for now. unless she does something to hurt palin.

          • sarahpalinrocks2

            It looks like Bachmann will be one of Sarah’s competitors. She will be blitzing Iowa for a week soon, along with the other GOP wannabes, in hopes of drumming up support.

            MB has been spending a lot of time in early primary states and is trying to become spokesperson for the Tea Party (witness MB’s Tea Party SOTU rebuttal speech which many thought was a spotlight-grabbing move).

            It’s fine. Sarah is not afraid of any of her competitors whether friend or foe. Bring it on!

        • Guest

          It’s not a "naive assumption"; until Bachmann announces, she could be doing a lot of things that are happening: making the media scatter fire, setting the table, confusing the opposition. Nobody knows what kind of strategery might have been devised behind the scenes.

          It’s beyond me why there’s so much opposition to Bachmann when Palin says competition is good. Bachmann’s a rock solid Conservative, and, IMO, that means no trashing her.

          If she starts bad-mouthing Palin, well, then, we’ll see.

    • blueniner

      I noticed that too, in another words hey, yo this is the big leagues deal with it or get out of the game!

      • Buddahfan

        The Gov is in it to win it and do whats best for the country.

        As big a problem as these baseless stupid attacks are America has almost as many men as women. Palin is smart enough to know that if she is going to be POTUS, that she is going to be President to all its people and deal with the big issues.

        While I agree that these baseless attacks on women are horrible America has a a much bigger problem with child abuse of both sexes. This is virulent disease that gets passed on from generation to generation with little being done.

        Just one example When a parent yells at their child especially a small one that is child abuse even if they never G-d forbid hit them. Physical abuse is terrible but it is no where near as bad as emotional abuse because the body heals a lot easier than the mind and heart.

  • blerch

    She has given many very good interviews and some great ones. I think this was one of her best. She was detailed, substantive and supremely confident in her responses. Definitely Presidential. I loved her answer on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What other politician, even on the GOP side, is saying that we should be taking a harder line towards the Palestinians? That was complete moral clarity and she knows who is right and who is wrong on this issue.

    • cardinalmike

      Blerch, I agree completely. None of the politicians, either R or D, have what it takes to criticize the Palestinians. This is just another example of political correctness run amok. Your use of the words "moral clarity" ring very true. The lady has guts – a lot like Lady Thatcher. She tells the truth and if that truth bothers somebody, so be it. She is so damn refreshing! I just can’t believe that there aren’t a majority of my fellow Americans that wouldn’t elect her president. I see these words all the time and I so agree with the sentiment:

      RUN SARAH, RUN!!!

      • Guest

        Political correctness changes no one’s mind, it only turns some people into hypocrites for fear of public rebuke.

    • sarahpalinrocks2

      She also acknowledged that the US is not going to able to solve every little skirmish, some dating back thousands of years, for the Israelis and Palestinians. They need to step up and work these out or nothing will be resolved.

    • blackbird

      Sarah’s stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a blessing in disguise for both parties. The outcome is Peace.

  • Guest

    Sarah was on point and fantastic tonight. Not sure if Greta was flummoxed or dumbfounded (or both) when Sarah did not take the bait and buy into some of her premises.

    • Guest

      Good catch cuz Greta was pushing and the Gov pushed back. That’s great cuz it keeps Greta legit (she’s not a Palin patsy) and it shows that Palin can handle tough questions even from someone allegedly friendly to her.

  • danielvito

    Sarah, I know you read our C4P posts. Every week make an Energy post. That issue will get you elected president.

    You were great tonite, I’m really proud of you.

    Your troops await your orders!

    • blackbird

      reporting for duty.

      • pool_dog

        Same here.

    • Jasmine Clark

      she reads these… o___O aaaaaahhh i hope so!!

  • John_Frank

    Sheya, as always, thanks for getting these videos up so quickly. Much appreciated.

    • PalinTV

      Thank you John : )

  • William Morgan

    I love part 1. I didnt see it when it first ran on fox news. Sarah sounded real polished and presidential. She spoke very slowly and confidently.

    Where I came in on the 2nd part of the interview, Sarah was trying to speak to fast and I thought she started stumbling a little bit.
    I have always had this critique of Sarah. When she slows down her speech she gets her words out more clearly and she appears to be more presidential.

    • tjd4life

      Must be an Alaskan think. Speak fast hoping to say a lot. You’re right, she needs to slow it down.

    • Jasmine Clark

      one of her very few flaws lol

    • sc4GOP

      I felt the exact same way, but I almost think it was because the conversation changed to the sexism thing and Governor Palin and Greta were just having a conversation at that point….not so much an interview. I really want her to slow it down when she comes to the south. Peeps speak slower here. If anyone in her camp is ready this, please tell her that. Thanks.

      • Guest

        Definitely a conversation on a point that Greta feels deeply about, and she seemed to be astonished that Palin was brushing it off. I think Palin reassured her by saying that when her kids or other women are attacked, she’ll come out swinging; for herself, not so much, not everything. That’s a great signal to send cuz it’s pure Mama Grizzly.

  • $8196935

    As I said on the other thread

    The BMs and BOR type if they continue are going to answer to those who have
    Sarah’s back while Sarah has the back of America and works for 2012

  • IsraeliCojones

    First, this woman is the only politician I know that can make me burst into laughter in my living-room at 4:30 in the morning :D

    "I need NOW’s defense like a fish needs a bicycle!". Take that, National Organization of ugly Women! I’ve got a feeling that Rush and Levin are going to adore this.

    For the rest, YES, Sarah, keep reminding the oblivious world that, last time I checked, the Oslo Treaty demanded a total renunciation on terrorism, incitement to violence and propaganda from the Palestinians. And instead, we’ve seen so-called "civilized nations" gleefully funding all-of-the-above, and this criminal charade is still going on today. And by the way, Guv’, come back soon: we already miss you here :)

    Conclusion: very good and presidential interview. Can’t wait till she campaigns.

    PS: O/T. To Bill Kristol: Just STFU. No one asked for your opinion anyway. And no one cares what you have to say.

    Edit: Oops *blushing* Thank you, Sheya!!!

    • JJinSarahSota

      Loved that "like a fish needs a bicycle!" line!

      Spot on on the Israeli/Palestinian issue…quit apologizing!

      Confident and Awesome.

      2012 here we come!

    • Guest

      These comments of hers are a much needed spine stiffener for Netanyahu and all Israel. You’re not the problem; the other guy is.

      I don’t see a Palin administration funding the "Palestinians."

  • karenfromny

    Great interview. Loved how Gov. Palin said she doesn’t need and doesn’t want NOW defending her….

    Greta did a good job on asking questions on the issues and not the drama.

  • blueniner

    It is written, Sarah is here to serve!

  • ernst1776

    She was on her game tonight. She’s still on an India/Israel high. She has come so far on foreign affairs but still has a ways to go. She needs to be less abstract and more exact about events. Example: Instead of saying Lockerbie bombing happened "all those years ago" she needs to say "23 years ago" or "over 2 decades ago". I know its trivial but I think it would make her sound more informed.

    All in all…. You rock Sarah!

  • sarahpalinrocks2
  • alammbrito2010

    Sarah Palin 2013-2021

  • grizzlyrising

    I’ve been following or trying to follow the news on Libya. This interview just cleared up a lot for me regarding the admin’s indecision and mixed messaging. Sarah once again breaks it down sensibly. And she’s showing a lot of interesting new nuance imo. Example: Quite brilliant nuancing on what should happen to the Colonel in Libya.

    • senator20526

      Sarah just explained how Barky vote "Present" on the war in libya.

  • nat4sarah

    Everyday that goes bySarah is becoming more and more confident with her politics and ideas. I like her answers with regards to Jews always the one giving concessions while receiving nothing but aggressions and violence from Palestinians. Lots of people ignore the fact that Jewish enemies seek nothing less than the their removal from Israel. It’s the goal of the Islamists and Sarah understands that and is not afraid to express her all out support for the Jewish people. That’s something that Obama will never give them because we all know he’s the son of a muslim, his half sister is a muslim, his best friend Al Khalidi has position in PLO, Rev Wright (his pastor for 20 years) has ties with Louis Farrakhan (One Nation Islam), etc. he likes the sound of moslem prayers (very fluently can recite them) his faith is muslim…oopps…errr..christian (as corrected by George Stephanopolous) but most of all his exaltation of this religion while in Cairo and everywhere. With Sarah, Israel will have an unapologetic ally.

  • Greg Legakis

    Good interview, but as Randy Jackson of American Idol would say, "you’re a little pitchy."

    I wish she’d bring it down a few octaves. I honestly think she’s higher pitched in interviews than she is in prepared speeches. The 8 min. Tuscon prepared video was the best. She should do that weekly like Reagan did in the 60’s.


    • Jean_A

      I have not had a chance to listen to the interview so if you think that it could have been the way Gov. Palin was hooked up to the sound system. Greta did travel to FL and it was outside.

      • palinsupporter1

        I think we need to stop nitpicking.


        • Dan C

          Personally, I would rather not have a woman sound like Barry White. But hey, thats just me:)

    • Guest

      Why is it usually men who complain about her voice being high or that she talks too fast? Get over it or vote for Obama because you like the way he talks. Geesh!

      • DarkTides2

        "vote for Obama because you like the way he talks."

        RightMom, I think a whole lot of people did, and thats just what we got, a whole lot of talk and nothing else.

      • Greg Legakis

        it’s just a critique not a deciding factor. I’d never vote for Obamanation

    • blueniner

      Well that is Sarah when she gets excited she goes up an octave,but if she spoke with a low raspy cigarette voice, the men would, well I dont want to say, there would be fireworks going off.
      We love her just the she is.

      • sarahpalinrocks2

        Yowza! XP

      • IsraeliCojones

        You remind me of something: when she was on Conan at the end of the GR book tour ("Taste my nightstick"), her voice was low-key, slightly raucous (out of exhaustion from the tour), and the guys at Ace were literally drowning in a pool of drool. LOL

        • Jasmine Clark

          i don’t remember that interview, i didn’t see it. but that is funny!!

        • AmsterdamExpat

          Sometimes when I’m in a more despairing frame of mind regarding the future of the USA, I think that the next election might well be decided by something as irrelevant as pitch — that O can’t, while SP’s is found by some to be too high — but then I shrug my shoulders and move on. (Europe has no monopoly on frivolous people.)

      • tingale12

        Mornin’ Blue Good to know there is such a tone as " raspy cigarette voice." Hmmm, am trying to figure what sound would that be..! Just curious.

        True, I for one will accept the governor for the person she is. Thanks~

    • PalinTV

      Bear in mind, as great as she looked, she’s probably washed out, she’s been travelling for five days now, across multiple time zones, made speeches and what not. I know we think she is supper human, but even Sarah Palin could use a good nap once in a while. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s looking forward to a real good night’s sleep in her own bed.

      • Greg Legakis

        I agree completely. I thought the same thing when she missed the military question.

        • RichardNC


          I haven’t seen the interview yet. Do you know what segment that was in? Also, what was the military question and what would have been the correct answer?


    • imo123

      My husband sometimes says her voice is too high yet he likes what she says.

      • Greg Legakis

        "My husband sometimes says her voice is too high yet he likes what she says."

        I agree, her ideology is her strongest suit.

        • TheTotalConservative

          Reagan talked differently in the 1960’s and honed his speaking by 1980. Reagan talked faster and sounded less confident in his early days by the time he won in 1980, he spoke in a slower more confident and authoritative manner. Her voice is too high at times.

          • DefCon66

            I don’t care if she sounds like Mickey Mouse as long as she says and does the right things which she does. She is not perfect but damned close IMO.

    • Right_Wingnut

      She sounded fine. Her voice is what it is. I like it. What do you suggest she do? Have her vocal cords surgically altered to make her voice acceptable to you? Jeez….

    • sarahpalinrocks2

      The interview was done outside and I could hear background noise so she may have wanted to speak above it.

      She has to be exhausted from her travels and speeches the last few days. I’m surprised she wasn’t hoarse.

    • TheTotalConservative

      That said. I like her voice, but she seems to have a more controlled voice for radio. Some criticize her for talking fast. I like that she talks fast. Bachmann talks slow.

      • Jasmine Clark

        ugh that is something that annoys me about bachmann… she makes good points but delivers them too slowly!

    • Jasmine Clark

      normally i get annoyed when people talk about her voice but this time i agree, it was noticeable. now, i personally have no problem with it because i have a sort of similar problem myself, when i get excited i talk loud and in a higher pitch and it annoys my mom. XD i don’t care about her voice but i think others will. oh well.

    • Betsey_Ross

      Sarah was on fire. She was passionate. I loved it. She has to run. Down a few octaves? WTH?

  • section9

    This was just a superb interview. I heard that "tempted" to get in line just like the rest of you.

    This woman is going to go out into open tank country and kick major ass. I can feel it.

    • pool_dog

      "Open tank country". I like that. Patton in heels!

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