Governor Palin to Politico: Take Your Liberal Biased Debate And Shove It!

Yesterday Ian reported that Governor Palin will be fundraising for the troops in Denver on May 2nd at Colorado Christian University and not attend the NBC/Politico debate scheduled that same night.

Some, including John Fund from the Wall Street Journal, took the fact that she will not be attending the first debate as a sign that the Governor will not be running for president:

Yesterday Sarah Palin sent another signal that she probably won’t enter the 2012 presidential race when it was announced she would be doing an event in Denver on May 2—the same day as the first Republican presidential debate.


The political significance of her acceptance lies in the fact that the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is set to hold the first debate among presidential candidates on May 2, an event moderated by Brian Williams of NBC and John Harris of "Presumably, this means she will be doing [the fundraiser] instead of any other engagement on the second [of May]," Mr. Andrews told the Denver Post.

I beg to differ.

Doing this fundraiser, instead of the debate, is a sign that Governor Palin will be a candidate for president in 2012.

Last month, we reported that the Governor was scheduled to do a fundraiser for the Patriots & Warriors Gala, an organization that tax records show had around $1,000 in revenue in 2008 and $2,204 in total assets in 2009. The event was cancelled after the people who hate the Governor released an onslaught of personal attacks on the organisation.

The Denver Post reports (emphasis added):

When the original event was canceled, John Andrews, an enterprising sort, immediately called Palin’s people to tell them that Palin was, in fact, always welcome in Colorado.


Andrews was trying to get Palin to attend his Western Conservative Summit event, which last year was best known for producing the Lone Tree Declaration.


This year, Andrews was hoping to bring in some presidential candidates, such as, maybe, Palin.

"I remember that it was the day of the Super Bowl," Andrews is telling me about the call. "They [the Palin camp] said to make it quick because they wanted to watch the game. When I asked about July, they said why not do it on May 2, which was still an open date on Palin’s calendar, and why not do it as a tribute to the military."


Andrews says that Palin, known for her hefty speaking fees, is doing the event pro bono. And the affair will take place the same night as the first Republican primary debate at the Reagan Library in Santa Barbara.

So what do we have here? First the Governor schedules a May 2nd event for a small organization with assets totaling around $3,000. She then asks the organizers of the newly scheduled event to hold the event on specifically the same date and does it for free.

There’s a pattern here. It’s not that the Governor wont be attending the debate because she’s doing the fundraiser. She’s purposely doing the fundraiser to not attend the debate. Governor Palin is sending a message to the far left NBC and Politico: you can’t suck up to Obama and trash her, her kids and Republicans in general all the time and expect a credible debate in return.

Governor Palin isn’t the only one who doesn’t think that Politico should set the debate for the Republican primary. In February, appearing on Fox & Friends Hugh Hewitt said the following:

“[I] hope [the Reagan Library] host the first Republican debate,” Hewitt said. “I just don’t want Politico and I especially don’t want NBC to be moderating that debate and deciding what Republican candidates ought to be talking about. I’ll tell you, Steve, the thing that’s amazing. Chris Matthews nightly has his head spin around in a circle about Michele Bachmann. Michele Bachmann almost certainly will be on the stage. How in the world is NBC, I don’t care if it’s [‘Nightly News’ host Brian] Williams or Chris Matthews or if it’s Rachel Maddow – how in the world do they expect Republicans to take them seriously when they’ve become a radical network? So I think — I hope that Republicans refuse to go to this demand, this dictate came out of NBC on May 2. I hope they boycott it.”

And DrewMTips tweeted:

I’m pretty sure I will refuse to vote in the primary for any GOP candidate who attends the @politico-MSNBC thing in May. #ScrewThem

Add Tim Crawford’s statement to national Review Online to the mix:

“It has nothing to do with a decision [about running for president in 2012]. The Governor said the other day that she will make a decision about that in the coming months,” Tim Crawford, the treasurer of Palin’s PAC, told National Review Online.

If Governor Palin wouldn’t be running she wouldn’t have gone out of her way to have an event on that night to avoid the debate. If she isn’t a candidate, she wouldn’t attend the debate anyway and would have just stayed at home to watch it so she could make an educated decision on which other candidate to support. The fact that Tim Crawford gave his statement suggests that the Governor wanted the message out loud and clear.

Let us not mince words. It’s pretty clear that Governor Palin, with her years of experience in running a business, close to 20 years of public service, and her vast experience in energy, is running for President of the United States. She will be participating in a lot of debates but the liberal biased Politico/NBC debate will not be one of them.

Let the liberal and establishment heads begin to explode, George Will; I mean yours too.


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