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Governor Palin to Speak in Naples, Florida After Returning From Abroad; UPDATED

Immediately after Governor Palin returns from her trip to India and Israel, she’ll travel to Naples, Florida to give a speech as part of the Naples Town Hall Distinguished Speaker Series 2011.  Her speech will be the evening of Wednesday March 23rd.   The organization provided the following blurb on her speech:

You will be inspired by this outspoken American author, political commentator, and former Governor of Alaska. She has become a best-selling author with her autobiography, Going Rogue.

A more extensive bio can be found here, and ticket information is here. Past speakers have included Lawrence Summers, George W. Bush, Steve Forbes, and Benazir Bhutto, among others.

(h/t TT)

Update: The Fort Myers News-Press has more:

Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate, will speak at a town hall meeting March 23 in Naples.

The event will be at 6 p.m. at the The Ritz-Carlton, 280 Vanderbilt Beach Road.

Palin will speak about current affairs and other timely topics.

For more information, please call 821-3978.


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  • grizzlyrising

    Powerful strategy.

    Palin 2012.

  • Ceejay

    Townhall mostly sold out, only the $5,000 tickets are left, which includes an invite from a guest speaker!

    Way to go Sarah!
    Sarah 2012!

    • sc4GOP

      Hey all-

      I mentioned below yesterday that my sorority sister from college is the lady who runs the events at the Ritz in Naples. I have an email in to her to get more scoop on this event for those of you who live in the area. My friend is also a Republican, so I know she must be really excited to possibly meet Governor Palin! I’ll let all of you know if I hear back from her.

  • quidam65

    This is the part of the trip that makes me jealous. I’ve never had an interest in overseas travel but visiting sunny south Florida is another thing!

  • TheTotalConservative

    Wow. Florida is one of the early states.

  • jeffjackie

    SP loading up on the "serious" engagements. How’s that for gravitas, Tokyo Rove!

    • Ceejay

      Yep! FL is such a melting pot of people that retire here, move here for health reasons, get transferred here, I know, I live here! Focus on those major states Sarah, OH,IA,NH,SC!

      Sarah 2012!

  • VADMCollingwood

    They’re gonna need a bigger venue.


    I called today as I’m only 10 minutes from The Ritz in Naples. The lady said the event was sold out for a long time and she’s not sure why the newspaper did not indicate that. She was very nice but sounded overwhelmed as she said since the information went public she’s been hammered with calls. If I’m understanding it correctly, the tickets are sold to corporations as a series–not just for one speaker.

    I was bummed as Gov Palin has never been this close–I’m going to go to the Ritz anyway to try to get a glimpse of her.

    • Ceejay

      FL you go anyway, there may be a chance to see her! Wow, sold out for a long time, that speaks volumes!

      If you do go, please be sure to report back if you were successful or not.


      Sarah 2012!

      • Don B

        The series is sold as a block for the entire season and are often sold out well before the season starts, and few (if any) speakers are known at that time. The series’ past successes determine their reputation and sales.

    • sc4GOP

      One of my college sorority sisters is the Sales Mgr. there. Wow is she gonna be busy!!

      • FLREPUB

        sc4palin–where is she a sales mgr–at The Ritz? Do you still keep in touch with her? Can she set up a private meeting for me with The Gov? :) LOL. Just kidding. You should touch base with her though so she can give details on how the event goes–although we all already know it will be a huge success.

    • teledude

      Wouldn’t it be cool to have a crowd outside the venue holding signs saying RUN, Sarah, RUN and other positive things!

      • FLREPUB

        Actually I am trying to get a group to go. Wish I knew when Gov Palin was arriving–wonder if she’ll be coming in Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning?? Anybody know?

  • heypiasano

    Each time the left and the media think that they may have Sarah down with all there jabs and sly remarks. She in turn gives them a little body slam.

    Come to think of it this is just like the bully video that is all over the place. The media and the left is that pesky little twerp that thinks he can have his way with the big kid that just wants to be left alone. But no he continues until he gets his. Sarah is going to give the left and the media a body slam the likes of which they will never forget come November 2012.

    I for one will be saying atta girl!

    • MaMcGriz

      Right on, hey-p!


      It’ll be so slammin’ it’ll register on the Reichter scale.

  • nile.09.29.2008

    A trip to India and Israel, and then a speech in a state considered both critical in the primary season as well as the general election… that sure sounds like a Presidential candidate, does it not?!

  • Lakerfanalways

    Someone posted on FR that the Naples event is 100 percent SOLD OUT..take that media who keeps on spewing the same BS over and over again that she is losing popularity..For everyone attending this guys are SO lucky!!

  • TheOriginalTed

    You C4P’ers and others may recall this avatar "Palin 2012 sticker sign in front of American flag" photo which appeared all throughout the news blogosphere including ABC news and AP, as well as featured in a C4P video production. Well that’s my sign from April 2010, which I held in Boston at a Palin Tea Party Rally — about 25 feet from Palin — and which I have the original sign.

    I only wish I could attend the Naples FL event and present it in person to Sarah.

    • MaMcGriz

      You hang on to that thing, Ted! It’s gonna be a priceless heirloom one day. If I may I would suggest instead that you have a picture of yourself made with it and include a caption using the information you’ve shared with us here, them send it to the Governor as a gift when she announces. I think that would be something she’d truly find delightful.

      Thanks for telling us about this and for all your continued hard work and support for Sarah.

      Palin 2012!!

  • TheOriginalTed

    BTW, I’m the same Original Ted who Adam Brickley named "blogger of the year" on his Palin4VP blogsite after Palin was tapped by McCain.

    • Emily Baxter

      Are you the one that’s following my activity? I got an email about that. I don’t mind, just wondering. :)

      • TheOriginalTed

        Emily, no that’s not me.

        • Emily Baxter

          Thanks :)



    I am planning on going–you never know. And, I have a few friends who own businesses in the area contacting others to try to scrounge up a ticket or two. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I will definitely report back if I am fortunate enough to see/hear her.


    • Ceejay

      FL, that is prob a 3.5hr drive for me, I definitely hope that you can get a ticket. I went to her Victory rally in Orlando, and stood 10 feet away from her, she was awesome! This was for the 2010 elections, most of the people she supported were there running and they won.

      Take pictures, I forgot my good camera, bought a cheap gift shop one, and the pictures did not turn out well at all, I was really upset with that.

      Sarah 2012!

    • teledude

      I think a huge crowd outside the event holding signs would really send a message, even if you can’t get tickets in. If she see’s a large group I bet she’d stop by.

  • Quiet_Righty

    Closing out the month with a bang!

  • Kjanlady

    I hope the program coordinators in India present Sarah a beautiful sari which she just happens to wear on a visit to the Taj Mahal…….it would drive michelleo and the leftists batty…….wonder if they’ll join the ones in nancyp’s head……Sarah would look beautiful in a sari…….just as she does in fishing waders.

  • gahanson

    Another sold out event, I guess all those people didn’t read Pollutico, or listen to Rove or Will.

  • independents4palin

    I think its wonderful, WOW she seems to be real busy good for Gov.Palin and I am thrilled !!

  • c4pfan

    Ooops, I wrote in the wrong thread.

  • mainelysteve

    Do Not Tell Me That Her Popularity Is Falling!!!!!

  • danielvito

    Sarah is amazing, Flight time from Jersulam, Israel to Miami, Florida is 13hrs 46 minutes

    I guess she’ll be able to prepare some great facebooks and twitter pieces

    • IsraeliCojones

      No airport in Jerusalem. She will fly from Ben Gurion Airport (near Tel-Aviv) – A few minutes less ;)

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