Governor Palin’s Q&A at the India Today Conclave

We’ll have the speech up in a couple of hours. Until then, here is her Q and A courtesy of the Right Scoop:

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  • BrianusBerkleianus

    Thanks, Ian!!!

    • section9

      Indian journalists don’t have an agenda to flog in the U.S..

  • MaMcGriz

    How refreshing it was to see her interviewed by an authentic, professional and gentlemanly journalist.

    • The Right Scoop

      I completely agree. He asked tough questions yet he was respectful and not gunning for a gotcha.

      • Timothy Pate

        Thankfully she’s completely capable of displaying her ignorance with completely fair questions.

  • John B. Hefmier

    Excellent, thanks for getting this up ASAP, Ian.

  • aafan

    When I see the video again, I see Todd is seated with ex Deputy Prime Minister, the highest ranking political leader present. I missed it the first time.

    • wisetrog

      He was sitting beside Advani? That’s great news.

      • wisetrog

        I also hope Sarah got to speak with the PM as well. He’s a good man.

    • MaMcGriz

      Yes, and we got to see that smile…..that particular Todd Palin smile of pride and approval for this woman he clearly adores and of whom he is so faithfully supportive. That smile warms my heart and lifts my spirit with hope and shared joy.

      Todd, if you get this message, please know how grateful we are for all you’re doing for us. We love you very much.

    • Ceejay

      I missed Todd!!! Oh man, change the contacts! Have to look for him !!

      Sarah 2012!

  • ? Jim ?

    I’d LOVE to see Banna sit and answer questions like that from a foreign correspondent

  • wodiej

    Saw the entire speech-good stuff. :)

  • xthred

    Awesome. Perfect.

  • HerneTheHunter

    Palin remarked that her approach is different than that of her GOP peers.

    "Too often Republicans have the fighting instinct of sheep and you know they’re just going to sit back and take it…I don’t have that within me…I will put my foot down and I will state the truth so that people have correct information and they can make decisions for themselves," she declared.

    This is why I fight for her!

  • HerneTheHunter

    A fair write up by CNN, I am still picking my jaw from the floor. Very fair, no snark, no unnecessary jabs, nothing.

    • citizenG100

      Yeah I agree. Let’s send the link to Drudge. As of writing he hasn’t linked to her speech yet.

    • susiepuma

      Wow – 1st time in long time to actually read a news report that has no opinion, no snark, no sarcasm – just the facts – must be either an old old reporter who remembers what journalism is all about or else a newbie who slept thru the classes at college & had to learn the hard way….

      • txpappy

        I just left a complimentary comment to Ms. Stewert for her professionalism. Others should do the same. Who knows maybe we can charm them into more balance.

        Anything is worth a try.

        Love that edit button

        Go Sarah/2012

    • stevethird

      If they reported their typical BS, it would get back to Indian audiences and they would then know for sure what a crock CNN is.

    • jeffjackie

      Exactamundo! We’re not asking for favoritism, just fairness. This was reported straight down the middle. It would be exhibit A in how media should report.

  • goethegirl

    Interesting that the U.S. Ambassador seems to have been at the talk, as indicated by the comment of the interviewer. I wonder what kind of report will be sent back to Hilary at State.

  • tingale12

    Pointed questions with exceptionally pointed answers with grace!!!!!

  • Nancy6

    30 minutes!
    With Obama, the questioner maaayyyybbeee would have been able to squeeze 2 questions in, and definately would have received no answers.

    • Dan C

      Obama was asked at a public event by a regular person about taxes being too high and he gave 15 min response or was it 17? It was ridiculous, but of course he is "brilliant."

      • LostinLA1

        And a lot of his answers go off on completely unrelated tangents and make no sense at all. You end up forgetting what the original question was that was asked. That’s why he needs a teleprompter – so he can sound "brilliant" because without it he sure doesn’t.

  • footballchik1

    Great speech Mam and being an proud Indian i can say that today u must have won the hearts of billions of Indian . Ur sincerity towards ur nation and ur friendly approach toward us are surely going to pay back to u .And know we definately want to see u as the first lady president of the world greatest economy USA . Mam ur views are really independent and u says what u have in ur heart and that quiet rare in todays world . And yaah ! Next time we Indians wil definately show u Taj Mahal . god bles u too Mam
    COMMENT ON SARAH’S FACEBOOK PAGE FROM TARUN SINGH :) Thought Sarah might like to see that comment as well! We love ya gov!

  • bamleader

    Much better than the feed. She really shines when you can watch and listen at the same time. I thought all of her answers were right on. Telling it like it is, the only way to go. Good job, Governor. Enjoy Israel as well.

  • Ceejay

    I like that he called her Gov. Palin!

    Sarah 2012!

  • Nancy6

    Governor Palin: The Tea Party: "It’s a beautiful movement."
    President Obama: Calls us Tea baggers. Thinks we are racist.

    Two different world views.
    The contrast couldn’t be more stark.

    • Guest

      "The contrast couldn’t be more stark." I am hopeful that in the next election we will have two candidates with VERY different world views to choose from. McCain was forced to moderate his somewhat progressive views during the last campaign. Sarah won’t moderate hers if she wins the nomination.


      What a difference Nancy……like night and day. *sigh*

    • voxnova

      I liked her humility and candor when the interviewer implied she was the de-facto leader of the Tea partly. She replied that the Tea party was too good to have a leader.

  • blueniner

    After the speech when they had a meet and greet, does anybody know who the the woman with the long blonde hair was that was tracking Sarah? She looked like she was an assistant of Sarahs?

  • RedDaveR

    Someone needs to send this to Chris Christie and ask him if this is unscripted enough for him.

    • latinchic


  • IsraeliCojones

    Howdy, guys!

    Just returned from the synagogue (first reading of the Book of Esther for the day).

    First to all Jews reading this, a very joyous Purim to you all! May all our friends be blessed and rewarded and our enemies know the fate of Haman and his sons! (Take that, Ahmadinnerjacket!)

    To Sarah and Todd: Welcome to the other "God’s Country" ;). We are over the moon to welcome you both, true friends of Israel and her people.

    Be prepared for a shock, though: I’ve never heard of a devout Christian or Jew who wasn’t overwhelmingly moved by a first visit here: it’s just a shattering experience. I hope each second you both spend here will be fulfilled with blessings, with joy, with smiles and wonderful meetings! G-d bless and protect you both!

    To fellow Palinistas, here: before I take a plunge into the threads I missed, can a gentle soul sum up for me where we are at and how the speech went (one or two sentences are enough)? And do we know when she’s leaving India for Israel? Thanks, guys.

    Ahem, in my hurry, forgot to thank C4P for their good job *blushing in shame*. So here is it:

    THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!

    • tingale12

      IC, I hope you’ll have the chance to watch the full video of her speech and the recent Q&A video posted. Yes, she specifically mentioned once again the importance of the security of our ally and friend Israel from those who are hell bent on the destruction of your homeland.

      My family extends our sympathies to the family who recently suffered the senseless and evil acts. May the Lord continue to watch over your nation, bless and shower you his bountiful blessings of peace.

      Thank you for extending a warm welcome for the governor.

      • IsraeliCojones

        Hi tingale12!

        Just watched the Q&A: she’s just remarkable. And, unfortunately for her enemies, she’s got a deadly weapon with her: she’s so charming, so darn likable, it’s just disarming. How can they beat her? It’s impossible.

        Thank you for your blessings and your sympathies to the Fogel family: as always, when pure savagery slaps us in the face like that, it is a traumatic experience for our country because it reminds us that it is our very existence that is at stake here, nothing else. May G-d save us from the destroyers, as He always did in each generation.

        We are very impatient to welcome Sarah and Todd. It’s going to be a blast to have them here. :D

        • tingale12

          You are welcome. I think America is blessed with a politician woman with courage; who is not ashamed to spread the news and shout it out to the world that the land of the choosen people by GOD . cannot be shaken.I too celebrate Israels history- history that stands under God’s control. Like Esther, SP stands beacon to the land and faith of the founding fathers.

  • dlf6

    Thanks, for putting this up, Ian. I couldn’t get the any part of Gov. Palin’s speech or Q/A on my computer; player never loaded so I really appreciate it.

    It great to see Gov. Palin and Todd in this setting. Can’t wait to see the speech!

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