Governor Palin’s Speech at the India Today Conclave

Via PalinTV.

Video slightly shaky during the introduction, the actual speech is good and in full

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  • John_Frank

    Sheya, thanks for putting this video together so quickly. Appreciate it.

  • Jude8301

    Thanks for putting this on Palin TV. Her speech was brilliant!

  • IsraeliCojones

    Thank you Sheya and Kelsey.I’m reposting the tip to watch videos online (from the QA thread).

    Here’s a tip that works for any video posted when a lot of people are connecting to them at the same time (the slowness has nothing to do with your respective computers):

    You have to start the video, then hit the pause/start button again and wait for the video data to fill the buffer (you’ll see the progress bar changing color during the process).

    When the buffer is, let’s say, half-full, you can start watching it. When it slows down again, it means that you are at the end of the buffered data, so you’ll have to pause again, and wait for the data to fill up the buffer once again.

    Very important: during this process, let the page open and don’t refresh it: you would have to start it all again.

    I use this tip to watch every video put online and it always works.

    Hope this helps.

    • bradkarr

      Good tip, I passed it on to my friends with slower Hi Speed and with dial up. For dial up I cautioned that it would be slower yet if it worked on dial up.

  • Guest

    There’s a troll with the handle "G D" that needs the banhammer on the "Governor Palin’s Q&A at the India Today Conclave" thread.

    • IsraeliCojones

      Yeah, saw it. Hope it won’t be fed. Must be another Pig Palace scum who got itself a brand new DISQUS account today… as if it could fool anyone :roll:

    • Guest

      Also, there’s a TrigTroofer with the handle "Cherylene-Andrews" who needs to go.

  • Jasmine Clark

    yay =) thanks so much, ’cause i missed it!! (can’t watch right now but will watch later)

  • gahanson

    I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to the speech yet, but I have read it. Thanks for posting it, I’ll listen to it late tonight.

    Sarah Palin to arrive in Israel for first time
    03/19/2011 21:32

    Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is set to arrive in Israel for the first time on Sunday afternoon.

    Palin will tour Jerusalem and Nazareth and have dinner with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at his official residence in Jerusalem on Monday evening. Palin will be arriving from India, where she delivered an address on Saturday.

    She will be returning to the United States on Tuesday morning.

  • shaun

    The video at Palin TV is missing the first 90 seconds of the introduction by the editor of India Today.

    You can see the whole introduction here:

    • John B. Hefmier

      Thanks for that link, Shaun. Appreciated. :^)

  • Angela

    Thank you for posting. Praying she is our next President!

  • c4pfan

    Thank you PalinTV! I’m glad that Sarah had this great experience and hope that she and Todd have a great one in Israel.

  • section9

    Yeah. What they do is get new Disqus accounts because they know we can track where they’ve been (1500 posts at Palingates sort of mark you as a deeply obsessed by Palin’s uterus individual).

    So you mods have to be on your toes.

    Folks also have to be careful about feeding these bastards. They count coup with responses. Debate is not their object: disruption is.

    • lonestar

      Tried to get in last night, but Disqus wouldn’t let me. I did post one comment from my Facebook account. However, I am not known by that name around here. I must have registered a long time ago with Disqus, it tells me I am Lonestar1 now. I added my regular avatar so you all know I’m not a new troll.

      • Guest

        If you go into your profile on Disqus where it says name/nickname and put in your username you’ve used here that’s what will come up. You will still have to login as lonestar1, but it will show as lonestar.

        • lonestar

          Thanks, I will try it.

        • lonestar

          Got it fixed. Thanks much. Silly me was putting my actual name in and not the username.

          • Guest

            Um, it’s showing up as lonestar, now. :)

  • daisy_mae

    Thank you very much Sheya! Our next president hit a home run today in the home of the Taj Mahal!

  • danielvito

    Thanks, Sheya and Kelsey for posting!

    Seems that Todd is taking a more active role in preparation for Sarah’s run. Sitting next to the Indian center right opposition leader during the speech. Also, meeting the prime minister of Israel w/Sarah. He is definately her chief advisor, seems they both are getting the lay of the land.

    Sarah 2012!

    • sarahpalinrocks2

      Todd and Sarah make a great team! You betcha! :)

  • alammbrito2010


  • alammbrito2010

    We Proudly Support Sarah Palin.

  • Emerson_C

    The introduction but the editor of India Today was disappointing and frustrating. He probably meant well by his reference to the Tea Party as ‘ultra-conservative’ and to Governor Palin as ‘polarizing’ and ‘sexy’. But it does illustrate that the minds of even well disposed people can be literally colonized by the trashy memes that form a false climate of opinion around the name Palin.What to do about it . . .?

    • c4pfan

      Not sure. Sarah didn’t look like she totally liked it herself, but chose to ignore it.

    • Bogdan51

      Just a slip of the tongue Emerson. It looke like the entire audience was messmerised by Sarah performance and an etmosphere of a true an enormous sympathy radiated even through not so very clear picture provided by tv.

      Appart from a bunch of the malcontents representing the combined communist/islamist sector of India’s vibrant society, Sarah is clearly her most loved US citizen from today.

      On the whole, beautiful, strong, FANTASTIC!

      Greetings from Aussie!

      Australia can truly be envious of you for having such a jewel of a woman.

      • Italia1984

        Bogdan51, I continue to be surprised at the interest, and support, of people outside of the US. I wish you could all come here and vote for Sarah in 2012! I hope that you can find a Sarah of your own in Australia.

    • larrygeary

      I haven’t replayed the speech, but I thought he said she had the "sexiest Republican brand".

  • ernst1776

    Bravo Madame President!!!!!

  • tomlyn

    Great job Sarah we are so proud of you and Todd !!

  • Shaun4palin

    Sarah’s Facebook followers continues to grow at a rapid pace!! She’s at 2,814,390 right now!!! Sarah’s army is growing!

    Sarah Palin 2012!!!
    America’s return to exceptionalism!!!

    • sarahpalinrocks2

      It’ll be so sweet when she hits that 3M mark!

      • Angela

        Yes it will be!

      • Beaverton

        It will be even sweeter when she surpasses Obama’s 18,763,229 mark. Can’t wait for that day!

    • karenfromny

      After this conference, I would guess she is going to get a lot of followers from India. Plus Sarah Palin’s Alaska was televised last week.

  • Angela

    Look, she just hasn’t studied the issues enough. She needs to be better prepared. You know, not just jot some notes down on a napkin during the flight over. The gravitas was sorely lacking in her presentation today. When I see Sarah Palin, I just see someone who hasn’t done the hard work necessary to be President. I can’t see her in the Oval Office.

    —— Karl Rove

    I concur, Karl. The conference chair in India should have told her to leave the room. She’s not a serious person. She should go back to Alaska, hunker down, and study. Furthermore, we need Mitch Daniels to run in 2012. After Obama, the country is ready for someone cerebral and boring.

    —— Charles Krauthammer

    She’s too scripted. She doesn’t take hard questions. She needs to be more like me.

    —- Chris Christie

    Okay, she did a decent job, but the Presidency would be a step down for her. It would be like Rush or Oprah running for President.

    —— Coulter & Breitbart


    — Bill O’Reilly

    These are the predicted responses. Did I miss anything?

    • Angela

      OMG! Like, as progressive young Republican, I am totally with you guys! What’s up with Sarah Palin! OMG! And did you see Piper’s suitcase??? The one with the McCain sticker still on it? Also, I am still pissed that Bristol and Willow got better stylists than me in 2008!! Like, that was totally insulting to me! My daddy was the one running for President!

      —- Meghan McCain

      • conservativemama


    • RefudiateGOPe

      Angela, you da man!

    • senator20526

      Well…..that takes care of Monday night TV news….no more needs to be said….the losers have said it all….

  • crunchingk

    Angela,shame on you you just did there jobs for themLOL!!!!

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