John Phillips:January 2013 – The Man For The Job Is Sarah Palin

LA talk show host John Phillips blogged an interesting post on Sarah Palin at the LA Times. His key point was that whoever was sworn in on a cold day in Washington in January 2013 was going to have to take some very difficult decisions and suffer a rough ride from all quarters all the way to 2016.

In other words America needs a President with cojones who doesn’t give a damn about the media, the pundits, special interests, political strategists, polling gurus  etc etc and who is willing to court short or even mid term unpopularity for the greater public good.
For the GOP to win, Obama needs to lose.

Gas needs to be at  $6.00 a gallon. Unemployment needs to be over 10% and climbing. Vice President Joe Biden needs to be replaced on the ticket with Snooki. The country needs to be going to hell at 100 mph on very expensive gasoline — and foreign tires

if Obama loses, it almost doesn’t matter who the Republicans nominate — they will win.

So, if that’s your road map for victory, why not nominate someone who will deliver exactly what you want?

You want someone with scars on their back, fire in their belly and a willingness to kick ass whether it is blue, red or purple..

The man for that job is Sarah Palin

Would a President Huckabee put his office and popularity on the line to take on the highly unpopular, yet urgently necessary issue of entitlement reform?  Not likely.

Could you see a President Romney taking the risk of being vilified as a xenophobic racist by demanding an enforcement first approach to illegal immigration?  No way, Jose.

How about a President Mitch Daniels going up to Alaska and drilling for oil like a crazed dentist? Good luck.

Sarah Palin? Check. Check. Check

Read the rest here – it is so not David Frum…

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