President Obama’s Re-Election Plan: Brainwash And Buy The American People

Marc Ambinder writes

President Obama is fewer than three weeks away from formally announcing his reelection campaign, and will make it public with an online video his aides will post on his new campaign website, Democratic sources familiar with the plans said.

Obama’s team will try to keep the exact date and time a surprise, letting supporters know first by text message and e-mail. By that point, Obama would have opened his campaign account with the Federal Election Commission.

Yahoo News adds:

Longtime Obama aide Jim Messina, who left the White House to run the campaign, has been cross-crossing the country wooing donors on behalf of Obama’s 2012 campaign. Earlier this month, contributors were asked to pony up $350,000 a piece by the end of the year–$100,000 more per person than what was solicited during the entire ’08 campaign.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Sun Times’ Lynn Sweet reported Monday that the Obama team had finally settled on office space in Chicago for the 2012 campaign headquarters.

On Tuesday Megyn Kelly discussed Obama’s re-election plans with Leslie Marshall and Lars Larson:


Obama will launch his campaign with a “surprise online announcement” on a new website. He will maximize the use of technology, using Facebook, Twitter and Cellphones that project video. He will do whatever he can to pander to minority groups, interest groups,  all types of people, and he’ll spend  $1 Billion doing it.

All this raises the question, why doesn’t Obama just run on his record and save himself all the hassle?

Simply put, he can’t and he knows it. If Barack Obama really believes that he has a record to run on, he wouldn’t have to do any of the above. All he would have to do is use three words: “Examine my record” and that would be enough. But he won’t. That’s because he is well aware that if he does run on his record, he doesn’t have a chance. It’s a safe bet that the words “examine my record” or “look at my track record” will not find its way anywhere within the Obama campaign.

So all Obama is left with is manipulate, brainwash, and buy the American people.

But all is not lost, we do have a Reagan on our side, and that is Governor Palin. And I say so not just because I’m a supporter, but because when you see what the left and the media are doing to her and how the establishment is treating her, it’s hard to miss that this is precisely what they did to Reagan in 1980. It must mean something.

Governor Palin has an advantage that Reagan didn’t have, and that’s an advantage none of the other potential GOP candidates have: she has already run against Barack Obama. Governor Palin is the only potential candidate who knows how Obama works and she is the only one who can throw him off guard and take him out.

Obama may have prepared himself this magnificent team, but as Lars Larson pointed out: “The one factor the president hasn’t included in his team is the American people” and it will be they who decide whether he deserves to walk back into the oval office.

Will the American people vote for what’s right, or are the American people that stupid and will be blinded again by the Obama manipulation? Are Americans self-reliant or are they for sale? I guess we’ll just have to let the voters decide.


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